Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Sun Beach Ritual

So much despair and sadness in the air of media and social networks. Today's government and all that wears the ugly mask of fear and hate, I don't see how anyone can stay sane.

Today is all about release but let it be for good. You know how many articles published and radio shows broadcasted where I spoke about letting go that which does not prosper? I'm here right now in this beach meditative moment and I'm basking in the glory of the precious sun, the air and the ocean. Giving alms to Yemaya and Leviathan. Taking meditation to a higher level. Breathing and releasing the past week or month from your job, household duties, school or whatever you do. We build up stress and stress can turn into anxiety. Its nice to meditate at home especially when you have an extra room or are able to find a quite space but the beach, forrest, lakes and serene places as such can be not a perfect place dor releasibg but in fact the outdoors is a place to reach elevation. I'm so grateful for my partner in life because she encourages me to go out to the beach.

Some of the old ways of African spiritual and metaphysics teaches that water meditation and giving offerings to Yemaya blesses and invokes financial increase. I believe the first book I read on money magick was either this IFA or Vodou book. I have always wanted it to be a big deal and invite my friends years ago when I first started getting into metaphysics.

This is your life and the time given to use wisely. I have had so much loss that a trip to the beach and to walk and take the bus with the warmth of the sun on your face feels in depth as I'm to be crowned King of the Lotto. Meantal, spiritual and physical health are the highest value of true wealth. Appreciate your lives and increase im love and light. Let us embrace each other in good deed and assistance in each other's personal lives as if we are blood.

Ashe y Sarava! 

Monday, April 2, 2018

San Simon/Saint Simon (Meurto Version) - KING OF THE DEAD

Rei De Los Muertos
Saint Simon 
King of The Dead

As yall might remember the movie Saint Simon King of Witches or to the Botanica Enthusiasts, San Simon Rei De Brujos, out of the spectrum of Cris Blakk Los Angeles arose the muerto version of these beings, San Simon King of The Dead.

I had no idea who this being was and one day I kept hearing about him in the botanicas and that he is a great spirit of protection against witchcraft and great for healing and cash money. So, one day I started to have the idea to make a statue and this one in the photo after years of trying, I actually made this one after having a San Simon but regular version for like about 2 years and the hat i had for him was more like a cowboy hat. So I found a site which sad to say that the San Simon site for wordpress is taken down. It had sangoma readings and told the story of San Simon. It stated all his favorite things from offerings to the rituals and some prayers. It had links to historic pictures of what they say allegedly was him. The story of Maximon or Mashimon which is his real name was about this Doctor who decided to take care of his whole town so they can grow be prosperous and some heavy "rebels" or officials but this is supposedly alleged info...wink wink so we will keep it at "heavy rebels". So, the so called rebels found out about this prospering city and the advancing in finance and agriculture. The availability of labor and science began to arise. Then all of a sudden kinda like today's story of Doctor Sebi, Doctor Maximon heard of the so called "rebels that were after the people to hurt them and to destroy the town's resources and to rob the money of the town and good ol Saint Simon/Max said "NO WAY"! And he marched to the center of the town with all the towns riches and great resources and all the liqour and tobacco and said,

"if we are going to die we are going to fight to the death but while we are doing that we will party like it's the year 2222 in New York City, get drunk. smoke some tobacco, eat some good food, dance and play music and when those enemies of ours come we're just gonna let them have it with all we got!" 

To me when as a spiritualist and worker of energy movement and healing, I come to recognize this energy and recreated it, in hopes that the alchemic energy would spill out into the astral and that many would feel it and make their own Saint Simon King of The Dead versions. He's a great healer and a finance fixer upper. I'm glad to have known all about San Simon King of Witches. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Prana Healer Cris Blakk

It was about 4 or 5 years ago that I was hanging out with my friend Rene in this living room in Irvine, California. I was being silly slapping things around me and reciting "Healem Lord". I was trying to make everyone laugh and my friend was complaining about a pain he had in his knee for years and i placed my hand on his knee and I shouted comically again, "Healem Lord". This sudden pain automatically hit my hand. I was definitely not laughing and a bit creeped out. So, I jumped up and the owner of that house is very metaphysical and said "omg you have the gift. Now, go outside and push that pain you took from your friend and release it from your hand". I did and I was beside myself.

A year before that I was at this bbq in the OC with a dude who is into Vedic work. We were doing all this weird energy work and I stuck my hand out to try to move an air filled toy ball without touching it. This one girl was recording it on her iphone and a few days later had sent me the video freaked out because in the video a blue light or plasma ether like substance left my hand and surounded the ball. A few months before that I had asked this healer about these sensations in my hand and didn't know what they meant. He said he didn't know but I realise now that he knew exaclty what I was trying to understand but he was being a dick and didn't want to tell me. Now I see that it's one of those things you just let go of and not fight. What is my point of all this? I guess I was trying to figure out that I was channelling this healing gift but through Prana approach. I am a Prana healer and I love to heal people. I have been told to be careful because for 1: The government doesn't like it and 2: The Universe could be teaching through pain. Eh oh well, I see someone suffering and I just want to help them by taking some of that suffering away with my pranic techniques. I am hoping to heal more people here in California.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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