Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear America 2012

Dear America,
Hey what’s up sister!?! Haven't seen ya in a long time, really. I miss all the good times we used to have when I was a little kid. Things have changed. I should say it more like this: Boy, have YOU changed! I remember when you were so generous with work and if you worked hard, then guess what, Jack - you’re getting a paycheck! You’re not like that anymore because your friends and cousins had to get the job that they couldn't perform instead of those who could like people that are certified.  You thought if you had a comfortable environment, America, Miss America, with people that you thought you could trust, that you would blossom further and further and get richer and richer.  It's almost like the first time Apple fell. The first time Apple fell, the truth behind that held on preference instead of what was good for Apple but they became bigheaded and well you know how the story goes. Many people lost house and car and wife and kids leaving behind families that could have succeeded but instead, you sold them all through your craft. It was like a strange Twilight Zone episode, except it was real and the ugliness hit 2008. Back when investors began to hold ALL MONIES back in 96' and the slow stabbing westward bounced back so wretchedly, that you would not believe how many cases were so the same. There were almost 18 class of people and endless amounts of people in each class who had lost their jobs in 2008 alone. Have you all wondered why well-known companies would hire just anyone and not a proper factor who has not only the right credentials but show one to be upright in one's attitude toward their position currently held? But noooo, you pick the person that probably either looks like you or only agrees with you on most things that have nothing to do with your work integrity. Losing jobs in America used to be about a person not having integrity.  Like hello, when a person would get fired for not being on time, calling out or not showing up, just being lazy or if the worst being starting a fight and the least not being quick enough, that's what you could be fired on a job for back in the day. Now you get fired if you look and smile and say hello to an other individual, WTFudge, I mean isn't that what America stood for? A cool and honest pride was the tone that was set back in the late 1700's. A time where if you had a job not only did you hold on to it but you busted your ass to keep it! Now let's not forget, the certain class, and I don't care if anyone gets mad at me, don't cry. No babies.  Just read. Well, there are certain kinds of workers who did all the same things that everyone else did back in the day and I don't have to even go back all the way to the late 1700's, but lets just take a peek at the mid 80's and I don't mean to be a prick about but the middle class in the mid 80's cuz they were more honest then. A
n American man came home from a hard day's work and was happy to be with his family.  Now the truths are being told but regardless some hold on to fears like security blankets. Some Americans are still holding on to the hate and fear and take sides with the rich and ride that Republican elephant when they have no right to. I don't oppose any party unless it causes problems in our country. Oh wait, that's all parties lol. Family is the most important thing in a country. Families who are together and happy and appreciative and work together stay and grow together and residualize asset for their own personal life, community and country in three ways: One's money, time and talent. These are the people who are hurting in the process, just regular good old American families. Today, there are no families because there is so much divorce from good men losing their jobs! I wanna ask if we can look past secret societies for a moment and support the idea of wellness in a nation, I dunno but you guys gotta hear me. I'm talkin about just being good for cryin' out loud! Remember that, anyone? I remember when men were good for just the sake of being good and made right choices for himself and his family. Now everyone is putting their private lives on the internet because they are lonely and board. People are not really bored but their spirits are bored. So, the individual feels bored with life. IF the individual being him or her, HE OR SHE, doing the right thing and making the right choice morally and ethically, then the outcome, regardless of knowledge, physical strength or idiosyncrasy at that moment, the person's outcome will ALWAYS be victorious in favor of that individual because he or she made the right choice. NOT THE WAY CORPORATIONS DO TODAY!

So, America, we agree that the job thing is a ball in your court right,.....I mean I'll drop it for now but I just wana make sure we're clear on that. 

Ok, now, I just wanna go over some other things - like I remember when it was cool to go online. Now you have to be careful of jerks who like to hack you and make it seem as though you have done something. I don't know folks, like the show Burn Notice. Now if you ain’t no super genius at computers, then be very careful and don't click on anything and only talk to people you know, and don't say what you mean. LOL. America, I remember when things weren't so fast like they are now with the ipads and ipods, iphones and I mod, Me time, no hugs and stupid medications and bad habits that have cause a wide-spread epidemic among good people today. America, it seems we have some making up to do but first I just want to remind you of why you’re so awesome to me and what I love about you. Ok, here it goes.

I do love you America because you brought me The Doors, Weeble Wobbles, Pizza, Skateboarding, Karate Tournaments, Little League, AT&T so I was able to talk to my friends and girlfriends growing up; Twizzlers, LIFE cereal, going to the park, driving to school, The Tonight Show, Howard Stern, The Blue Note Jazz Club, the movie It's A Wonderful Life and Four Rooms, renting VHS movies and watching on Friday night with cousins and friends while eating McDonald’s burgers and fries. Ice Skating in NYC, Miami beaches, BLING, Beer Pong, PANTERA, E-TOWN CONCRETE, Rage Against The Machine, Karaoke, Great Adventure-Six Flags, Haunted Mansions, Rap music, Open Mic nights, Fake Wrestling formerly known as WWF, Polaroids, Swatch, IHOP, Break Dancing, Walkmans, Movie Stars in office, Time Magazine, NBC, Billy Graham, Tab soda, Hot Cheese Popcorn, 2 cent and 5 cent candy in the 80's, the Best Horror Films ever, CHEECH & CHONG, V-8, Kid’s Meals, This is Your Life, Ed Sullivan, Aretha Franklin's "Respect," Elvira, ALL IN THE FAMILY, SANFORD AND SON, WALL STREET, BILL CLINTON, ANDY WARHOL, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, FORD, LINCOLN, CADILLAC, CHEVY, BUDWEISER (not really), MARLBORO (sorry I know that’s all bad stuff), ALL THE EXPERIENCE WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND SCHOOL AND WORK, waking up to Saturday morning cartoons, especially School House Rock! America, I love you for now and yesteryear and everything in between. And the real part of it, the wonderous, loving-kind and amazing part is that I didn't care for any of those things but that it felt so good to experience human life and now I can tell all the world about and its all because of you, America. I am certainly not perfect because of all my failures but the Great Love always takes care of my needs.  All I can say is, Oh well, that's life. Que Sera, Sera! Hell, I'll even take the bad with the good but can't we just make up and go back to the way things used to be?  Please...I love you - don't you still love me, America?

I just would like to take my hat off to all the Afrikkans, Hebrews and all the rest of the world but would like to specifically thank all my black people (my brothers & sisters) in America for making us the sassiest country in the entire world. I want to start naming so many great people like George Washington Carver and Martin Luther King Jr, or people like Kamu Bell who hosts Totally Biased or the lead singer of American Death Metal band OCEANO Adam Warren, who are not only products of their environment but have pressed against the machine and fought back and stood and prevailed against an undying Beast, THE SYSTEM! 
There were conservative-republican Jews in the 60's who not only were not racist but considered Afrikka KIN! I don't know but many from NY to Cali, north,  south, east and west there were so many people back then who remain as an icon of love and peace in all eyes of those who walk after light in so many black communities in America. Back then, we could not do this.  We couldn't walk past the barriers that were made impossible to break unless we broke ourselves such as those who are under-credited for this future we have today. More naming names is not necessary but all power and favor to every single black person on this earth regardless of whether that one black human deserves it or not!, you can't even deny that Mexicans built this country in hospitality and heck, just about every trade. I don't even care what statistics say because I saw it with my own eyes; Mexicans are a factor whose credit is overdue and that's all I will say about Mexicans. Don't worry lol, I won't touch immigration.  That subject is only for windbaggers. Lol.  You know we have a black president, the best musicians, best athletes, and so much more that has brought a new fabric, untearable to this now spaghetti of a mess nation. Still, even if this country has a big mess to clean up, I'm so proud to be here now. I'm proud to have been born here and not in Afrikka, Israel or Mexico. I don't know - it would be nice to be there in those places mentioned and learn more of cultural aspects of life, but as far as America, I love it. I don't like all the bad stuff that goes on in this country and I'm not just talking about crime on the street but in the office as well.

 I know and believe that there is corruption in all lands and there is so much that we can do about it. Posting hate ads about corruption, doesn't help fight against corruption. Being together and starting from the bottom up and fixing the little things that most of the budget turns to deficit due to a spiritual return. Money - is it the way everything is supposed to be? I know you’re probably thinking, oh great, just another dreamer, dreamin' away the days, tryin' to make everyone see with eyes of lollipop/rainbow ignorance…but I'm not. I'm one who searches for truth and one with experience and standing intimacy with truth. Let’s talk truth here. You know what’s wrong and right, you know black and white and grey because we are all guilty of it AND not only guilty of it but guilty of condoning it, allowing it, following it, mimicking it, devouring it, being it and faking it! Knock it off people, let’s get real! You can complain about this country or any governing sect on this earth but if we just stand back and not only allow all the chaos right outside our front door as Americans, but also become that which we despise. If we, America, follows darkness and does what it does and say what it says to say and if it says jump we say "How High", then we have nothing to complain about. Whether or not you want to believe this, spirituality and karmically, the laws of the Universe are surely real.  So if this is true, why are people not seeing with open eyes? I will tell you why.  Because everyone is so busy with me, myself and I. Me and I, me and I and I always follows me. Even people who try to fight against the slivering and disintegrating of our economy and using it against us to rob us of our freedom has become a perverted thing. Most people today are fighting so hard at their jobs just to barely make it. Young people out there turning to what ever the heck brings in the dough. Single moms, people with no Social Security, single dads, accident cases trying to get back in the working world - it's all just a mess. So what do we do? We start from the bottom and re-learn love. We re-learn manners, prudence and stewardship. We act in only the best interest of our neighbor and community. We go back to the old-fashioned sense which was the only sense back then - but this time we do it right.

Karma, goodness, G-d, whoever, what ever you think it is, ladies and gentlemen; it’s all about goodness and love and kindness and gentleness and patience and fore-bearing one another, regardless of race, creed, color, financial status, physical appearance, or what the heck ever. It's so simple to look with the eyes of your heart America and stop all the stuff that you cause hurt to you. No more fighting, no more jealousy, envy - it causes strife. No more fighting for the top position - let him or her have it. You'll get what you deserve if you do the right thing. No more stealing and cheating. Don't worry; this Universe loves and cares for you and has already given you the right to call things to your well-being and have it work towards the prospering of every aspect in your life. Can we go back to being the best country ever? Can we instead of giving money away, get dirty ourselves and do the work? THERE'S SO MUCH FRIGGIN’ WORK OUT THERE! Where the heck are the brains of the heads of these companies these days and the people they hire? You can't get good help these days is not the truth. They can, they just rather have someone else look for them and put a person through the ringer.

So many people who are doing well credit-wise in the tri-state area face a harder time finding work. And all for what, so some people who hide can be ultimately rich/ Dang man, who doesn't want to be super filthy rich these days?  But it's what our minds and mouths say in which it is given. Our actions not only speak louder than words but are connected to the super power of all existence and it works what ever way you work it.

I totally believe in karma because if you look at space and all that is currently occurring, you will most certainly find that everything and a human does on earth from thinking to speaking and doing acts of anything affect the universe.  There are so many different ideas about karma just look at the proof.  I mean I'm not trying to paint a negative picture here. I can tell you all kinds of grime I grew up with on the east coast but who the heck cares about that crap. It's not knowing the truth about something but knowing what to do after you received truth is what the key to solving problems. Also, this whole thing with not having patience or the brutality in teaching and up-bringing is not cool. Its so nice to just smile and say, "It’s ok, you'll get it. Don't worry - just focus. I'm here for you and I have your back!"  Instead, for years we have been creating the residue of what you see today. Rush, rush, rush and be elite! What a crock of retarded poop!

I remember Thomas Paine's book Rights of a Man/Common Sense he spoke about running from the English and coming here because they were doing the same damned thing. Control fixation all the way home! What the heck is all the fear about!? Have we completely lost contact with true essence, or did we simply just didn't want to see the emptiness of a cold-hearted society not only being taken over by mind controlling crap, but the reason why we are so easy enslaved these days is because the home is not what it could be.

Moms, dads - what’s going on? Afraid you’re going to lose something because you don't want to show them what’s better? Just sitting down and watching what they want to watch is enough to give them the comfort they need to attain a healthy social status but you see what we have here in this age is a bunch of ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude, hailing all the way from janitors to corporate conglomerates. Kids, too - being as mean as mean can get and doing what they have to do to survive the life.

SOMEBODY SCREAM! I hear ya, Occupying factors out there in Watch Land. I know y’all truly care and are doing everything in your power to digitally publish information that is worth having and useful to the not only American but any person on earth willing to do the right thing in life.  Period!

Life the way it was back then, may have not had its conveniences but it had moxy! Life back in the day had balls. Yeah man, I said it! Back in the day, you didn't have a computer but you knew where to meet on a Friday night. Back then you didn't have a cell phone but made sure you wrote a note to your friend day before. Today everyone is so cold and people are only after one thing, and that is to be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of goodness and right standing. Hell, I'm not talking about people's personal lives because no one can do anything about anyone but themselves.  I'm talking about how we live with each other on earth. How we work together and share everything. What is our goal in life? Is it the pride of life and is it on some sick psycho carrousel that doesn't stop unless you turn the other way and walk and never go down that road again!?!

You ever wonder why certain people on this earth lived greatly?  Because they were great? I'm not talking about ability because Moses was definitely a “not so bright” character who totally changed the future of Israel. So this great light of love existing and manifesting through the universe to us and out to everyone else is awaiting our awakening. We can say what ever we like but the proof is in the pudding. I have to say America, for being a truly blessed country with much abundance, time and treasure and talent on our turf, you cannot only save yourself, but you can save the world.  I ain’t talking about souls, but the environment because once we have a straight enough head to see the Light and do its work, we can work together even if we don't agree with the details of our own existentialism and push forward to a better future for our children's children and the purpose in which all nations truly stand for. Its not hard, its called being good. For once in your life America, be good and good will come.

I love you.

Criss Blakk

P.S.  If we follow our true self, it will only lead to good things.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty For Miles

Beauty is you. You are the most beautiful thing in this world. Is this statement not a true statement and is it not what parents say to all their children or at least they hope that to be true? There are a lot of factual variables on beauty from a scientific standpoint and we will get to that but here is my take on beauty:
I have met some interesting people in my life who are not on the cover of some magazine that is selling something. There are some who when meeting each other and attaining a connection sometimes take advantage and only want each other for their beauty. Hell, I know I’ve been guilty of it in my youth but the truth is that beauty doesn’t even belong to humans. Some of these humans have the audacity to create a lot of discrepancies on one’s outward appearance and not accept people for their soul…even just walking past someone while shopping at a store.  “That one is too fat or she is too tall or he is too dark skinned." Believe-you-me, this is not a search for beauty but a misconceived notion which ends in the inviting of a controlling spirit upon any relationship. This behavior is not only unhealthy but it stirs confusion among younger people, allowing them to walk right into a spiritual spaghetti mess.

Beauty brings people together. Beauty was never meant for humans to classify or judge and separate, especially if there are some making money off of it. That's abuse of a gift. When one comes in contact with another, one of two things can happen:  chemistry or no chemistry; and don’t think it’s only for romantic relationships.  It’s for EVERY relationship. It’s an ‘Only Way’ thing but if you use it correctly then it will work for you.

Your soul is your home and combined with your power of intention, it’s enough to start an open Light path from the Universe to the Earth. A person who creates light paths as opposed to those who create dark paths are found to experience a richer life as his light path is created by the universe through a right or good action has taken place.  It is the much spoken about subject of The Law of Attraction.

When two people truly love each other for the pure sake of lifting into higher consciousness (and a higher connection to the Divine) and not just for physical or temporary pleasure, a Light path is created surrounding them. Science has proven and shown the effects of both positive and negative reactions that the human body spiritually, physically and emotionally experiences. In a group study scientists asked what the general public would deem attractive people and unattractive people. One scenario stuck out immensely. They asked an unattractive person to decide to be happy and smile no matter what was said in a room with a group of both attractive and not so attractive people for one hour. The happy person began to get all the attention and at the end of the hour all the attractive people gave their personal information to the happy but not so attractive person.  In other words, the soul and personality can shine through so brightly that you no longer see the person with your eyes but with your heart.  Then it becomes mind to mind and creativity can spurt forth with a grand flood of growth…and it all comes from a happy soul not necessarily a beautiful physicality.

Beauty does not come in a wrapped package or a thing that can be mass produced. Beauty is not to try on a tight dress to get attention neither is beauty a man's muscular frame baptized in baby oil to win the prize. Beauty is how you smile, when you smile and for what reason. Beauty is to draw those who need healing and a change of heart so that Spirit can be sensed. Anyone with an ounce of Light is intimate with this idea. Beauty attracts beauty and it will for as long as you respect it in your life.

After the testing was completed, all the people who volunteered were paid and the unattractive happy person invited all the people to her house afterwards for dinner and socializing. That night, as it so happens, all the people in attendance were unemployed. Each one of them had over 4 years of experience in the exact position that was needed to complete this project that the unattractive happy person was working on only for a few months. The company became super rich and moved to Canada. Good and right choices can spiritually lock prosperity for your future!

Spiritual attractiveness is that special Light that brings people to your life to lift each other up. This is the only true beauty. Only loving actions and thoughts can help build Light paths. When humans build Light paths, the Universe not only opens favor to us but if, we who live this way, increase in number and continue in this labor of love, can attain Utopia….a place for all those who serve the wondrous love that is the Maker of everything. Utopia is when cleansing, joy, prosperity, abundance and utmost health (which is true wealth) makes its own path in the continuum through one who has past enlightenment. This continuum brings infinity to your life. Everything is connected and everything vibrates together in Celestial Harmony. Only humans separate and add useless uncertainties which hold no bearing on anyone’s path in life.

Your beauty is for the rest of us to enjoy and thrive from – to share and be inspired and moved by. Beauty is for the world and never to be held hidden to one’s personal desires. No one is NOT beautiful!

                                                                                                                                Written By: Cris Blakk
                                                                                                                                 Edited By: Gail Chasin

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fuse The Sounds

It was a jazzy, sultry Sunday afternoon in Lake Forest. The vibe was definitely jumping yesterday evening in this cozy, classy and fun pub called Our Place.  Divalicious, a three-singer group from Orange County who (close friends who have a grand respect for one another) were the big number on the bill. This audio delicacy of a trio decided to put together this extravagant night to share the stage at Our Place.

I have to say that last night was a blast!  I met some real cool people ... the owners, Tammy and Sally, their family and friends and so many of the wonderful regulars who frequent there. I ordered a Guinness and sat back to enjoy the smooth and sassy sounds of Gail Chasin, Kris Shelton and Karen Gallinger.  Gentlemen Ron Levy on piano and John Lecce on drums was the perfect magic musical mix for Divalicious. Levy’s invigorating solos wooed the crowd. Yeah man, that cat can jam.  Let’s not overlook John Lecce.  This dude is slick on drums.  I tell you what, John’s rolls and Ron’s playing made me put on my nasty face just letting the rhythm roll over the room. Kinda like when you’re listening to James Brown - which I have to say was way cool hearing the DJ spin it as I left the club last night.

It was exhilarating to see so many people get excited over the performances like this. The music was great and each singer had a unique way about them...

Gail Chasin - boy what a lady. This classy girl took the stage and everyone’s hearts. Angelic yet thunder-rolling-voiced Chasin soothed the souls ending with a song written to the tune of the National Anthem penned by Stephen Longfellow Fiske (yes, he’s related to the poet Longfellow) but with words of uniting the world in love called , The World Anthem. The howling coming from everyone standing and clapping were euphoric. Gail’s performance was simply wonderful. I never heard a singer with range, grace and power in a voice like Gail’s.

Kris Shelton, who I had the honor of meeting along with her husband Robert at one of Gail gigs, was simply delicious.  This blonde angel very lushly let out her songs and wow, did she move the crowd.  Shelton sang Irving Berlin’s “The Best Thing for You Would Be Me,” and I was taken away by her soft sweet delivery.
The ever cool Karen Gallinger totally whipped the scales of early jazz with her spectacular performance doing Eddy’s Arnolds 1955 hit “You Don’t Know Me”.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that. Karen’s art of emoting makes her completely dazzle.  I can’t wait to see her perform again.

At one of Divalicious's breaks they invited the great Chuck Ousley to sit in to do a few numbers and boy, what a class act he is. The evening was an exquisite collaboration of music greats, manifesting in the totally packed room which brought the customers of Our Place out of their chairs up on to their feet in total appreciation

Tammy and Sally who were once just thinking of buying this hot spot are now showing off their hard work and talent which has created a friendly environment with great spirits, good food, nice people and fun entertainment. If fun, excitement and relaxation can all be placed into one thing, it would be at Our Place!

                                                                                                                                           By: Cris Blakk