Monday, October 8, 2012


Your Majesty, Oh Great and Mighty Light;

 A cry for Mother Earth and those dwelling therein ~ dead or alive at this present time of existence.

Forgive my faithlessness and forgetfulness of who I am and where I come from. Forgive me for responding to my dim view as those who are not intimate with your joy.
Today I am not perfect but I am a human who has seen my own idiosyncrasies and experienced shock! Now the truth of the light is that it shows itself as a child showing its father's attributes and similarities and character traits in sometimes through those who are seen as not so good. These people are the only ones left with light in them which I have to say is no mystery or shock to me because I've watched since a small child with my own eyes the breaking down of humanity in this odd age. Now, the ones you would think to see light in is not light but an imposter light because the greater evil has left the faith completely and claims that they are IT when they are like the worshipers of darkness who came from Rome attempting proclaim the followers of the First Born of the Infinite but are only filled with fear and greed and is the cause of most atrocities on earth today. These people are not true, no, not in the least bit. Knowing this that it is not just a mission but a desired and requested option I probably could have rejected, brings more joy than anything that I could attain. This is the life and function of an enlightened human who's heart has transformed from orphan to a warrior wisdom-heart. 

I ask you to show me your wisdom through this new learning time. Show me how to love like you and take these walls but take me as well. Take me to your place of rest. Refresh me with your assurance. Wipe my head and clean my view. I ask for your mercy this day, for my mind doth push against something and I know that darkness has no power over the light. No work on earth can affect your word! The First Sound is the highest of all Light because it is us, we, the earth is the first sound of existence. Its written and done from the day you created us.

This is why I call you this day to take me in your arms and baptize my heart, mind, hands, feet, eyes and ears in truth with your grace.

I don’t know how to love like you but I know how to explain the feeling I get when I think of what love truly means. Help me to allow myself to become like you and to know my place in this existence. Lead me to my sounds who are your children. Take me to your place and funnel in to earth where I dwell. Make your view in the eyes of those who want to know me. Give the youth your truth about my message and purpose for being your light worker. Open the eyes of their hearts and let them know that I am here for them. I just want to hug and kiss them and tell them I love them; the people who I speak of is not just the youth but the elders the middle aged and all races, religions and creeds. All minds, views, lovers and haters. Everyone is on my heart because they are all my brothers and sisters through this time of journeying through existence.

There are these 7 stars which you gave to this earth as a gift just as you give animals and humans at the joining of themselves by you with others. These stars started the shine of greatness on earth before the sounds changed and humans broke their bond with the light. Even through all the worst of times. They were the sparklers of attribute. I will lift up even names of these stars who are different dwellings where it was known in old true truth as countries because they are us today accept with so much contaminated energy which we so desperately want to end. These people say words that sound like they are confused because so many of us today who are their descendants have fallen for lies which brought them to a place where they not only forgot who they are and where they come from but are now all looking for the daily dose of the fat of the calf. The fail was that they forgot about the uplifting of your name which is light, love, and true truth. I know for sure without a shadow of a doubt you will bring me through just as you did with the children of Israel, Spain, France, Afrikka, Russia, China & India. You gave a wonderful sense of flavor for all aspects of life to Spain, these are the dressers of the earth, the bringer of nourishment and healthy eating and the power of suggestion in the finer things of life to the world. You gave france an amazing sweet spirit, the sugar of all aspects of life, these are those who bring the positive out of the negative and give you gifts to bring happiness in dark times. You gave the spirit bear one of your light energy beings to Mother Russia to protect them and also the rest of the world. You gave wisdom to China the brain of the infinite for the guidance of the world. You gave Afrikka the great and mighty healing power of the smile of love for the world to know that without Love nothing can prosper. India was given the gift of learning so that they could teach the rest of the world the things we need to put our hands to in order for the whole world to survive. Praise the highest host of existence, for you also gave the voice of reason & showmanship to Israel for the release of all negative energies for the weary, being able to redirect the world in putting together all that has been lost with the help of the other stars in unison that together would bring back the truth of all time which was once lost and now is coming up out of the darkness because after all what is hidden in the darkness always is reveled in light. All these attributes were made to prosper the earth as ONE and never to hurt it. The rest of the world are the children of these stars believe it or not.

Oh Great Light. Build your alter immovable over me everywhere on earth and out of the earth.

To those who only want to negatively use my name any self-made claiming to prosper without the light, and any person or groups of people who would only want to stifle my vibe away from the rest of existence; please forgive them and relieve them of that energy.

Where I go, surround me with your song and lift my head above all mine enemies.

Forgive my ill-knowledge notion, forgive my mislead pondering and bring me back to your one vibe so I can be your light worker for all especially to the homeless and hungry.  Allow those who worship themselves out of fear to be free and liberated from the darkness. Let them see my smile and know my heart and allow them to be taken out of anything that would hurt them. Bring them with us to your place. 

Lift up all science people whether technical or not, whether believers of the things of faith or not, whether lost or found. These are those who bring order to the mechanics of all the earth. 

Lift up your laborers, the physical strength of the earth for these are the people who deserve the first fruits of the economical profit no matter what country!

Lift up your Designers and Minstrels (artists & musicians) for these people are the ones to call the light to the earth and are the only ones that can see and hear the darkness before anyone learns to. 

Lift up your Spiritual Leaders, these are the directors of everything on earth, they know best! 

Lift up those who fight for causes and those who have to defend their sexual preference or those who are sanctioned silently because of the color of their skin. These people are the revelers of the absolute truth and most don't even know it yet.

Lift up your Athletes for some will reach full manifestation of avatar and will help put an end to corruption once and for all! 

Lift up the confused, these people range in every category and this road seems as if it has endless borders. Once an individual is enlightened, their life flourishes brighter than ever before and the true purpose is seen for the better well-fare of all humanity and the environment.

Lift up your sick and suffering in the homes, hospitals and the streets! Our voices are sounds that heal when we are concerned with an individual whose name or face comes to our mind, it is our duty to lift them up with sound.

Lift up the Animals & Insects who are sick, suffering and becoming extinct. Without these creatures the world will not make it!

Lift up your silver-haired, how wonderful they are and how beautiful they do your work. They breath in and out your light and give themselves to your purpose just with their hospitality alone. This is the eternal gift of the elder. They should not be all together away from everyone but with everyone so for the favor of those all younger to give extensions of universal education and bring those who grow weary at a refresh state. Keep all of us at a lending of our ears and receive what they say with respect and gladness in appreciation for the Light having sent them for us and still sending the encounter already having been blessed is victorious.

Lift up the youth where they could teach those daily and bring people together in celebration so as to speak your light to those who remain unaware. May all children even of those who walk not after the light, that their view would also be made clear. Give the people of earth that infinite distinguishing energy which will allow for all to see with your perfect and clear view. Don’t allow fear and pondering of the unknown lead them away from your light.
Lift up the right and the left and the left and the right. Teach them to help each other and receive each other in the trust of the light and never again to give way to fear and jealousy.

Help your soldiers and people in authority. Help them to view the people clearly as you do with a desire to teach, guide and protect. Help your officers to spread trust and assistance. Help them to become a network of love and truth through prospering ideals which lead to disease free health: mentally, physically through cosmic intimacy for redirection and not condemnation but most of all protect them dearly.

Help your Office leaders. Help them to not be afraid to say no to the darkness and not be afraid to have loss. Help them to gain the people back with truth.

Everyone now and in the past have expressed their idiosyncrasies and been found entangled in a web they created which gave birth to consequential bickering at each other. No one is innocent here! No, not one soul from the beginning of creation, the fall, the solution, the interference of finite time, and now regardless of struggle with their true energy, all are in the same boat. When one is down, the rest should be care-giving with all manners requested that is in agreement with Love & Truth.

I want to see every person in this world as kin prospering and helping one another. I want to see them smile at each other and lift each other’s names to a citadel of purpose and good standing. Teach all of us the great redirection but this time let them see that if it’s not sweet and soft, then the doors don’t open. All it takes is being polite. Give each of us a true big brother or sister spirit for each other.
Now, as I express my vibe electronically, I release favor and joy globally. Know that The Light always has brought people through any path even if they have to travel through patches of dark energy.

Oh Great Light and Unconditional Love;

Show them the truth about themselves as regular people who don’t need to fill emotional voids but that they already have the power because You gave us your light at all our births. Right now as we speak Love is a perfect current of untouchable joy and sweet multitudes of loving kindness and can save all no matter what.

Thank you for all of this, I am loving it.

In the name of Light, Love & Truth I write,

Your Child

ps can you please tell all the people on earth that I'm cool and its ok to be my friend because all I want to do is love and care for any of them in any way possible, thanx =)

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