Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cosmic Conscious Communications (commune with us)

Communication is one of the greatest attributes of humanity especially within those certainties which attracts the public today.

The point of our communicative process is most significant to the individual on the receiving end because it is what illuminates the hidden success which is within all people from birth when it comes to receiving in wellness. The choice of what product and why is the most important question in starting a business but if one doesn't know how to communicate properly then it will be easy for that individual to fall in impostor teachings such as: "coming at someone sideways" which teach that it is only survival of the fittest but don't worry, it's not your fault but the fault of the former age's autonomic system.

The opposing factor to this theory began during the first curve of the procession of the equinox which was many many moons ago, left a residue and aftermath poisoning the minds of the unconscious and changing the course of history. Subconsciously the former leaders of the world created earth to become almost as a dark matter like state, dead and empty, these corporate vampires have no choice but to step down because of this new curve which everyone totally misinterprets ancient prophecies as the end of the world due to destruction. As you can see it is not the end of the world so now is the best present opportunity to assist in turning this age around for yourself in goodwill so that you can be a blessing to society and not a blithe on the fabric of the innocent. Today those who come to this realization see the atrocity that mankind made for themselves is as an open sepulture or a mural of death and despair.

It doesn't have to be this way anymore. ;)

Zero gravity or higher power is YOU and it is the base ingredient in the greatest problem solving equation of all time. This is what gives the turn in this new curve opportunity to rise out of the ashes that the former leaders left behind and blame the current leaders for the problems we face today which has a negative global effect. and it is the business approach which determines most certainties of our global community to be found profitable and marks them to be included and is used positively in the equations of the short & long term goal of goodwill period and not just yourself.

When one does not recognize the greatness in all the world's Culture and their communing certainties, one cannot recognize the beauty alone in anything because the horse blinders come to the foolish in dollar sign clothing.

To monitor all your sources but choose business building in only that which mega blasts your first year of financial increase is false advertisement to excite the public and gain, effects us all negatively in the long run due to constant inflation creating a gyro flux with our national debt that feeds a blood stained residual income. Placing the dollar sign upfront in any business is telling the consumer that you are about to rob them lol. Next, the misconceived corporations' error is that they fail to see that only endorsing those so called ones in which they believe to have the highest yield and not poor and needy is like opening a gate from the underworld; not cool! Excluding not only those that don't even come close to that marketable scale is applied not only to their business but their personal life and how they view the world. They view their own family members this way. This is a disgrace!

Contagion is this view of intellect and those intelligent minds who have been publishing the warning signs of these private corporations for many years while those who choose to say, "What can I do about it, I can't even help myself," will remain there until they begin to give. This contagion infests the the moral fiber of the public with fear. Those who continue to do business in this way will soon seek the assistance of those who operate completely on the other side of the business spectrum and they will sadly be turned down. However, if opportunity arises and it is met with the former age business approach, it will only bring turmoil to every thing the erred individual put's their hand to. This then will lead many who are self-centered to not being able to be intimate with enlightenment to the conceived profit of those who are falsely marked as exponents and and those self centered people will remain stagnant like that of a misconceived notion that is endorsed by those only with wealth. This approach is what drives this matrixafied economy.

Clarity is pleasant and vague is difficult to understand with all its property. However, both are to be modified and upheld according to the flow of the social & business structure in which you determine to be of value. A special approach in business and overall communications must become the applied science from the source of your center core. Some call it a higher power but it is not an outside source but something that at least I can say for myself that it was never not with in my being. I've always felt this way. I just didn't know it before. This new curve of the procession of the equinox will only lead you to a higher plain of not only consciousness because we are all conscious but a open view of truths being exposed and the equalizing of a global economy but it is up to everyone to work it with love and not a fearing competitive spirit. No exponents but opportunity. No need to view what which you perceive to be unprofitable and exclude it from the equation of your short and long term goals. Every single fiber and element of everything, everyone and every place in your life is an open door to endless possibilities.

To see the value and profit in all things is not a gift or something to seek but to seek how to raise the deadness of it within you out as a gift for all humanity.

This communicating approach will yield the energy that manifests as increase to your personal life as well as social. The key is to rightly divide the information in which you dispense to everyone around you so be wise in your thought life and know that health starts in your mind then your heart and finally your words and actions. The constructing of a path such as this is indestructible. Then and only then can you start a business and not ask why it doesn't grow.

This is called TRUE communicative style which is mostly used by certain small business owners or the goodwill congloms who I have no problem co-signing; these individuals are those who have always applied to both their business & social structures because they are not attracted to a lie that their center core will not allow. This is where all life structures in this present age should aim to be abased and abound in.

The reason why certain small business owners and goodwill conglomerates do well is because they don't apply this theory while reality seems to apply itself according to their circumstances. Those who are of goodwill usually are the best teachers of this theory.

Give your time, talent and treasure in goodwill and you will yield true prosperity because you applied it first to the healthy of your mind, heart, words and actions.

How can one run a fare business without it? ;)

Is it magik?

I don't know but it works


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