Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thank Humans


Because of you guys doing your jobs and being even just regular or responsible and hold up the reins. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you bad guys because y'all just made the true good guys stronger.

Thank you right, for all even your blunders but more for at least going the distance. We still cool ;)

Thank you gorgeous left for being so dam cool. Thank for the savory things that have become because of your awesome minds. Thank you for having a tough attitude and keeping your position even though there are a lot of things that are of a gauging nature, which are not so comfortable in dealing with when it does funny things like mess with you while you sleep or walk next to you out of the blue. I have to say the only way to overcome this is to enjoy it. LOL j/k...No seriously, I'm enjoying it very much :O

Thank you tech people for those of you who find out the truth and do the right thing and not those who are so quick to move without thinking just because of what they think that they see is truth or real when it is just an illusion placed by the worst!

Thank you just everyone for just being and doing.

To those that are filled with fear and just sit there and turn their face while evil acts done to others,
go f%$k ya-selves!

There is a great and wonderful move! This light, this love this thing! This whatever it is, I think it's humans...yup, it is!

Thank you humans who've helped to bring in the new age in joy and forwardness; not looking upon the faults of others or the way things might seem to be progressing in view of the right or left  but to adapt and overcome our challenges and even seldom view our challenges as "written in stone" circumstance. Even if people today view something and give it power to any degree at least we can now work together with peace modifying life for the better wellness of each other.

I can't possibly be someone who is this hater or complainer or an unfairly judging type. I just don't have it in me. I quickly grew close to this amazing wonder, once terrified from lies fed at birth and have fallen distantly for this old way new to my very eyes. I don't know that it is just because it is new to me but there is something surreal about walking on both sides of the universe and not having a complaint in my heart. Yes, I know that emotions are just emotions but when there is this deferring energy that when you look deeper it is your vortex. I mean, it is mine, yes without a doubt. So many things that I am starting to not just have heard things hear and there and this whole time of uncovering things that when one with a clear view and not a dim view can understand and overstand and stand and stand in between and stand aside and be heard and seen. I can't say that I love you any more because I have been saying it since birth people. I just love you all so much but now it the time for "Show & Improve," and I ain't talkin the failure of the former leaders.

One can't possibly think that they could be apart of anything sacred and think that it's power can be used and to use it and continue in error of humanity and on top of that deny anyone from the knowledge of that power, by telling everyone that it doesn't exist because you saw the moves before hand and knew that you would soon be the last decade that you would lose your power so you went out like a wanna be tyrant and killed, killed, killed! I mean, do whatcha's want, I could give a shyt less. *Wink

I can't do anything but do! I guess all this information is useless unless someone or something happens to move a nation without doing it "their" way. People have had chances and have shown themselves capable of doing good things and creating a built people. This is happening on it's own right now as we speak. I just hope people understand the LAWS of the universe this time around.
You can't believe that you can do all these bad things and get away with it. Trust me when you die there will be someone waiting right there to show you a trick or two!

I said Thank Humans because...well, check this out right. I come up from the dead of some strange blind curse that I have had, grey-clouding my mind and eye, perhaps even my heart for so long. Then I come to this side of the country to find the ease that I guess I needed to see something that I thought for so long is what my elders told me was unheard of. I do forgive them and and everyone for whatever, I could care less really but I really mean it in the "don't worry, we still cool" stance, it's whatever. I ain't mad atchaz!

I said thank humans because it has been humans doing alot of the this work. Work that most people today are so not only aware of but from the years past have looked at it as "well i respect all cultures and stuff but I just don't have time to get into that." LOL like people were afraid man, but I don't blame them. Let me tell you why. People are afraid because of people who ridicule and lead people to feel inadequate in that "dishonestly skate around someone's level of unconsciousness, I mean, don't you know that that right there is irresponsible towards the universe, towards yourselves and people around you. Those actions lead to loss. You lose your sense for what is true because you cover it with anger and hate all because your confused so that means it's not your fault. Me writing this and me thinking that it could change the world is arrogant. There is a BIG difference between GIVING A SHYT and being arrogant. Being confident in the things you care about are not to be taken lightly but examined accordingly.

How could one not give a crap if they are truly intelligent. How did the greatest minds not know about cause and effect and repercussion. I don't know, the mind is a funny thing to even trick around with. It gets you back lol ;)

To all the Left,

"Aint To Proud To Beg for you sympathy, I don't mind because it means that much to me, ain't to proud to be."

How could anyone say that you don't believe when you have kissed the deepest and highest of both sides of the universe. It's like allowing someone to get away with taking your own body part. I don't get it but i do got it, that for sure.

I love all the things that people no matter from what side, all say,

"Be careful, don't mess with things that you don't know about."

I don't know but I know that when you love even that which can and would probably want to kill you and fight back at the same time as weird as it sounds and still remain in love. OMG, GUESS WHAT?

IT LOVES YOU BACK! Sure, not in the way that a normal factor would usually go but in a sense like your most mushiest dog or meanest cat giving you some you some teeth or nail, your not gonna turn your back on an animal so why would you do it to people or even beings that are dead, or spirits or YES DEMONS. SO WHAT! LOL. You'd be surprised how much the spiritual world needs humans.

I know your probably saying that those things can't love and believe you me, there is such a deep love that just because it ain't gushy and mushy and hugging and kissing and smiling and encouraging, it can't be love. Love doesn't try to come against that which it sees in it's worst stage. Only humans do things like that. The live ones especially, but there are actions that take place with energy that has been with you since birth. You were told to stay away from these things that have been watching you and your family since before you could even think about the persons name that could possibly be even a friend of a neighbor because these things know their names even up to now and more than we could think at the moment. You could be like that you know...well, anyway so, look, my dog right, let me tell you this: This little baby dog is so smart, I can't even begin to tell you about the way he moves, his nimbleness and leaps like this mini dear. He know what we say. He knows what words mean and sounds if you make the same exact sound when you do an action with your dog and give him something or take something away or correct him, he will be conditioned to do what you want. "Pavlov Theory." You guys know, I don't have to tell you but this dog is deeper. He knows that I know how he communicates with the certain way he might crinkle his brows and snarls light or hard. His inquiry and frustrations, wants and needs. I know them because I pay attention to him. I doesn't take away my life because he is in my life. It's so easy to just look at someone and wonder what can make some be at ease or less stressed. Anyway, like in the hood right, if you do something like being a bit side-stepish to your homie even if he was locked up, if your homie is real, he will forgive you so you do the same! THESE THINGS THAT EVERYONE IS SO AFRAID OF, might have some characteristics. I could have probably been mauled alive lol but I wasn't and was show a few cool shows. I have been scared and I still keep getting scared but when I do I wake everyone up in the house to share, WHAT, TO HELL WITH THE HOUR! Na, I'm just kidding really, I deal with it. There are so many people and I have to say yes kids! I WAS ONE OF THEM.

Since waves seem to be signs of movement within the world you can kind of tell the structure of a future road of anything attempting construction. I have to say waves are cool regardless, shyt what doesn't kill you I stand in the way of destruction only finding myself to learn destruction but not to make a prototype i just have a child like heart and pretend to be the kin of every single friggin thing on this planet and out of this planet inside or underground, underworld, whatever you want to call it, I so love it and you don't know but it is a mature servitude. A humility that is returned by the things that you think are creepy or scary or something that you think you couldn't handle. Dang man, I ain't tellin yaz to do anything, all I'm saying is that the other day my family member was walking right next to me towards to the other side of the house and then I look back to see that same family member sitting down. All I know is that I'm fine. I don't really know why but I am ok, I don't see things like some people do. I don't get an attitude about things that most people do. I just love and smile and you know I whoop someone's azz if it's needed and still got mad love for that person I mean, WTFudge! Nothing but good things happen to me. I can't explain it. I see people networking their quick gel'd anger towards me just for being that one at the party that breaks the ice by putting their hand out, a friendly extension. Even in the hood has manners. The best gentleman is a ganster! but it's all good man, I'm good. I hope everyone else is.

So now that I KNOW ;) lol, I would like to tell those that I grew up with something. IT'S THE SAME SHYT, MIRA IT'S THE SAME SHYT! LMAO

"Everyone is a star, no one is different."  ~Alister Crowley~

To all my friends and family, really it's not what you think or what we were all lead to believe and for that which is true is even known and respected by them. They just play jokes on humans like trying to get them to do what they even wont do. It was all just a bunch of pranks so trust me when I tell you that so much that we thought we were pronouncing in the air with the names of what we thought was this being and we called it god.

Why does the world communicate to a deity by calling it something that it is not but it is more than that. I know words are words but just hear me out on this and no, I am not straining a gnat. It's almost like if you call today's human a nomad or a Doctor, a pupil. It's just ridiculous because the word god is the things that I have found to be real and always there. This thing in which people think they are praying to at least I'm glad to know without a shadow of a doubt that the intention wins the prize.

You could say it if it helps you, or Lord or what the heck ever your awesomeness desires because it is you. You are that, you are probably walking around speaking things to happen and you don't even realize it's you. You probably think that you have luck. It's all good because all could things come from the same place, inside of you.

Did you know that any human at any state and in any location call anything from the Universe to be so and it will be so?

Man, for so long there has been energies that are practical jokers even on the evoking factors involved because it has been happening for hundreds of years on the right and left. I used to watch Christians knowingly and unknowingly speak things with no intention at all but all fear and doubt or just innocent wonder. I saw many things like this growing up and I see today a people skating on and remaining their position with the hate and the mockeries. I see it because I was born watch, to walk and to shake this sistrum in my heart all across the glob on the internet and off.

How can one possibly ignore someone naked, hungry, bleeding and cold over a person that has all that? How can we ignore these beautiful residence of earth? They are helpless, I mean must I mention of the minds which walked the world to this point? There is so much out there to know and most people say that you can't know everything. People who say that either don't care or feel burdened just to care enough to search out facts even if you present all the right links and have the evidence right in hand and...they're just too tired or too busy or too full of themselves, whatever! No degree or enlightenment or position of some kind of power can help you to extend yourself for someone else which will result in nothing for you but the act itself. It is simple, it is freedom. I think it's time to not be afraid and start smiling and asking people how we may be of service. Life is so good when you take positive control of yourself and your environment.

Power in your mind and in your intention with your sound that you speak in all manner of well-being towards everyone and not just yourself is the ultimate power and ultimate magic. This yield doesn't just get bigger because you continue or engage in the manifestation of a continuum in the exactaa of everything but because you will to do so. Your will is important to the world.

Did you know that there is a favor which brings something, anything even the smallest of gifts and this favor can be even thought of for someone because of a truth or fact that it might be out of your hands at the moment so you think of what or how you know to help someone and it happens for that person believe it or not. How can regular people that have no focus on magic perform magic and not need things such as sigils or circles or separation of races and people because of the color of one's skin. People can perform magic because it is every one of us since birth and it is meant for good and there are plenty of people who don't deserve to use this power and stay with it and it's people for thousands of years then all of a sudden turn around and deny that it exists and teach a new people even youth not to attain a natural love or a liking or a care or faith for this thing which your using it's power and in the past you have held the information for the freedom sake for the people? NO for your own pockest? YES, AND ON TOP OF THAT DENY THAT IT IS A SOURCE IN ITSELF.


Here is a secret which I am not afraid to let be known among "the bretheren," whether Muslim, Satanist, Luciferians, left of any kind, Mediums Christian Realmers, Dualists, or just people of nothingness, THERE IS AN HEAVY ENERGY WHICH DID WEAKEN MANY NATIONS AND IT IS NOW IN SHACKLES! I would say somewhere around  a slam GRAND prison sentence, probably somewhere on Nibiru...jk, I don't know where he is being held. All I can say Christians and All people, this is your time to shine, all those who were rejected, left aside, misjudged, mislead, lied to, tricked, falsely accused, burned, framed, cheated, kicked aside, ignored and whatever else type of missing out on or losing. THE AGE OF LOCUST IS OVER!!!!

You can rest assuredly knowing that y'all got 1,000 years to get yo shyt together or I don't know what to tell yall but here is a cap off mini story.

It was the midieval times in Central America there was this bat and his name was Rosofono Calez, a Nicaraguan member of "the horns." The horns was a society that was never secret because it was not known to be hidden from anyone, not even children and was not known as anything bad because the very same people kept the work of helping those in need are the same people who are intimate with the idea of the source from where this Nicaraguan Society is predicated upon.

Rosofono was not only a doctor but a money lender, a builder, a chemist, a magician, a private emergency responding agent for his government and time traveler. Rosofono wore many hats and no one ever asked him. This young bat was totally the coolest bat ever, even better than the marshmallow bats in that cereal Count Chocula growing up...well, maybe not that cool but yo, this bat was chill.

Rosofono had so many things always on his mind and was so kind and nice to everyone lending his ear to hear the bellows of all the animal friends and neighbors. Rosofono was a young and single. He lived alone in very large house. He just would rather not bother with the jovial system of the world because he felt it always led to a comma.

Rosofono gave his life completely to giving and this is where he made his success. This life that Rosofono chased had caused a complete path from the universe to his surroundings and a path from his forehead to the universe like 2 triangles. Well, this caused magic to be of a slight whim to be in his mind, manifest to a super power not only in his village in Nicaragua but it became a global thing. Rosofono gave up self enjoyment, socializing, relationships, and all that was supposed to be for all people whenever, Rosofono, never stopped once to smell the flowers and you know what. He never complained because it would entertain the wrong kind of energy for what he had been trying to accomplish. Some would call this ninja like bat a fool because he never enjoyed himself. You know that if it wasn't for Rosofono, Nicaragua would be under occupancy of some nutty regime maybe even have marshal law and be owned by Australia or something. Rosofono gave himself completely so that Nicaragua would have it's independence today. None of us have to be like Rosofono but it would hurt to try some of those things...I'm talking about giving.


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