Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Into The Smith Process

Here I go, off INto the spiritual grind, so grinding it is! I am about to embark on a journey for the better well-fare of my mental, physical and spiritual state of being. Talk about walking on ceilings, man, this shyt is no joke lol.

I thought about all the research and the testing and all the reconnecting with all people on a global culture and I have come to visualize that everyone is the same no matter what reality you look into. I often times think of the havok set before people and places and wonder how that kind of experience has made people amazing.

I love this new integration because if it wasn't for the second curve of a new procession of the equinox, none of the unity would be happening. There are so many people involved in either wanting this sick psychosomatic theory of an end or were so busy fighting (thankyou) for the cause of unity and the exposing of the sublime of mind control upon this world from the former leaders, that they can't see this change but I really believe that everyone is starting to see it.

I see more unity in so many realms than ever before. Sure, people are still hating and carrying on like fools but that is ok because this second curve of this new procession we are witnessing living and co-existing, so many have the chance to really reach out to each other without feeling the tug of fear as if, so many of different cultures have worked so hard and so long to expose the belittling of humanity that it is almost hard to believe that all that freedom fighting paid off. Take a bow freedom fighters you have done your job, and keep it up so that this path for a free mindstate can remain locked.

It is so funny because it was not only the people doing the freedom fighting on their part by getting out all the juicy truth about all the lies but it was also our beloved youth. Yeah some maybe entitled and carry themselves more on the defensive side but so what, good for them. Hell, it is the youth that come on year after year making it clear to each other that the young people of this world have just about had it with all the bullshyt! They are the ones really making things happen. Sure, it's not so comfortable to hear that most youth reject the ancient but all in all. These young people are the ones to stand up and clap for because they see through all the lies and they integrate without even thinking of differentials as far as race and culture and if they do, believe you me it is more for the absorbing of the positive things and the enchanting aspects that open the eyes of the heart because their is where understanding and overstanding take place and break the shackles and the scales over the eyes of this great country and all the world.

I am glad to finally get off line and get to work on many of the materials that I have posted and talked about and asked around about. I have learned enough and have collected enough material that my research is now over, and now comes my big work. Along with this, I will be praying for all of you. No matter what "side" you on or you think you chosen, I love everyone of you that I have met along this way to where I am now. I will be glad to return at a much later time I believe closer to this evolving being I long to walk into. I now know this path and it feels so good to have learned this much and to take the rest and grind, grind, grind. This super iron path of a test is not something that many have the audacity to begin. I am glad to be apart of it.

I just like to give a shout out to all the World Wide Web, thank you for helping me.