Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lets Fill Ourselves w/ Loves

I don't know what happened along the way, so many experiences to differentiate from and many aspects of my experiences to consider for this analytical view on Love and what it's supposed to be.

So far on earth, people are looking at family as the real love and that is for those with the right experience in family. I don't want to start shooting out numbers because I could be wrong but there are more people just coming to a regular state or experience and most people are starting to lean towards their family for Love. This is because of the number of failed attempts and the open view or divorce among so many people. So many broken families and so many screwed up kids that grew up and find it hard to cope with life because they were not loved properly.

So many people out there try and have tried with their partners or significant others and have found a decrease in trust and the thought that Love doesn't really exist in this way. I personally have posted not too long ago about this and I believe it was that I posted about caring being compared to the mushy love and I said that there really isn't any such thing as that accept for in our minds just like when we invent things.

Love when made from a super fast mushy segmented time to a seriousness well, a lot of couples in America especially have allowed themselves to engage in that type of a robotic sense through only their emotions and not decision making. Some are real about it no doubt and don't get me wrong I'm not saying Love can't be real but the majority of relationships are pretty odd out there.

I can see it in people when one loves on the other either more or strongly at that moment. This doesn't mean that one loves the other better but that it is how that person has either structured themselves to love because they learned it or have been loved like that before and is just learning a pattern. If life out there and I'm not saying people but governing sects were true and good to the people then people wouldn't be acting like this too much because they wouldn't be so afraid to have to pull the so called diamond out of the rough and rush to make a life for comfort joy but the truth is that this factor of life is just fear based and ego driven.

Love is when your partner is dying of cancer and your whole body and mind and soul and heart has been conformed to care for your partner and not complain about it but overstand the true love behind it all.

Love is when a couple is walking in the hot sun and there is a swallow of water left in the water bottle and the weaker one sacrifices and hands the bottle to their partner.

Love is when you do all you can for your partner placing the importance of their desire above yourself even if that individual has to give up something they like for a temporary time.

Love is when you have decided!!! THIS IS THE TRUTH which cannot be broken!
I have decided to follow this Blue Light out of love for myself and I also have decided to love someone for no reason. I have found myself in a dangerous situation and I found myself also loving someone that I really didn't have control over as far as my feelings are concerned and I am learning about myself and learning to let go of things that don't help my life or my path.

Love is when you are in pain and you get up out of bed to do things that will make your pain excruciating.

Love is when you smile and send love and energy that is so healthy and good with not a thought in mind to receive back from it.

Love is not saying you love someone just so that you can see or read or vibe off of watching them say it back.

Love is when you love someone where they are at in life even if it hurts because the truth of the matter is that if you feel this pain it is really because you are allowing yourself to receive it and the ego behind it is assuming that you are entitled to a perfect love only because of the way you think your love stands in this universe.

Love is not a game but you can love someone through that.

Love is not violence but you can love someone out of that.

Love is not selfish but you can love someone while they stay in that.

Love is not about a squishy or fuzzy feeling that is temporary but it is a decision made to care for this person whether you care for them through giving that person your time, treasure, talent or yourself in heart, mind and body regardless of what happens.

You can although love which ever way you please and it still doesn't matter because you are the only love that anyone will ever see or receive.


I love my family, friends and people of the metaphysical and magical communities.

I love people who I have never met.

I love people who have hurt me in the past and I don't know why or how that is happening.

I love good and bad people and I certainly don't try to love them or love on the majority or regular people even but my love is reactive and when I see someone down I go to them and extend my hand in this Anointed Consciousness which we all have and can engage in if we wanted to.

I know someone who doesn't need to read this who loves the greatest and she is known and I only see wealth, health and prosperity for her far beyond human comprehension.

I know animals that love like the person in the above line.

I know men that love like this who are or were killers and regular as well.

I personally love the way I love and I don't care what anyone can say. I'm not perfect and I mess up in life but my love has been rescued and has been through the emergency room and has been operated on and has been through physical therapy and has had nights of total confusion because my heart just couldn't take the surrounding of vipers in wait for my blood of evil friends and family members of my past.

If anyone wants to love me I will love you back but if you try to hurt me I will not love you the same.

And even that statement that I just made, my inner warrior is learning to deal with that and do it better for the welfare of my own life and people surrounding me.

I say that you are the only god a lot so let me say this:

Love is YOU, you are the ONLY LOVE So as if it is the last day on Earth!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I was chillin in Leimert Park at Sika's and I met a cool brother who introduced me to Eucalovthis which is a healing balm for for soar muscles and cuts. I later began to see how there are alot of people who are talking about Eucalovthis and how it worked either immediately or the next day. I knew this wasn't no bullcrap because I to am a healer with prana and the vedic healing that I do, I know what it's like to see someone have happy results. I think this stuff is great and I hope that yall give it a try. Only $14.00 if you order through the eucalovthis etsy online store.
Here is a personal testimonial by the creator of this product Ezell McDowell

It all began with a drive to the beach. The Pacific Coast Highway on a warm spring Sunday is the best way I know of to cap off a weekend! As we rolled through Santa Barbara I could see the Eucalyptus trees swaying above me. Why not pull off the highway and grab a bag of leaves? The bag filled the cabin of the car with a sweet aroma, as if we brought the Santa Barbara breeze with us going South on the 1, all the way back to Silverlake. With the fresh leaves drying and filling the room with scent, I began studying the healing properties of Eucalyptus.  Did you know that Eucalyptus oil was used during World War I to control outbreaks of meningitis and influenza? When I was reading about the benefits of the oil, I kept putting my face in the bag and inhaling deeply. For many days I kept saying to myself, "I love this Eucalyptus!" This mighty tree is extremely potent, and that bag of Eucalyptus leaves became the inspiration for EUCALOVTHIS, the finest Face and Body Balm available today. The herbal formula for this Balm was originally created to help with swelling around my knee from an old martial arts injury. The Eucalyptus leaves combine with over thirty other powerful plants - leaves, seeds, roots, flowers, and barks - to create a natural network of regenerative catalysts which is in harmony with your body and it's natural balance. EUCALOVTHIS contains cold pressed 100% organic coconut oil, which helps the Balm penetrate the upper dermal layer. Greater penetration equals better cellular saturation, which means the Balm has an easier time supplying the body with the benefits carried by the herbs. Your body is a complex assortment of very complex systems: respiratory, cardiovascular, immune, etc. Each ingredient of this all natural Face and Body Balm addresses the needs of one or more of the body's systems. I made a huge batch one day to share with my friends, and they kept coming back to me with different ways it helped them. Thank you all so much for your feedback! EUCALOVTHIS was made to love your skin, your muscles, and your joints. There are no petroleum products, no chemicals, no dyes, no fillers; nothing artificial goes in our Balm. With the help of All Mighty Mother Nature we can achieve a healthy balance to our physical form. Use EUCALOVTHIS to look good, smell good, and feel good all day. It's perfect for the beach, or wherever you might find yourself amongst Nature's Glory!

Give Thanks,


Below is a list of different uses that we have received from Eucalov-ers out there in the World. We hope you enjoy our stuff, and let us know if you find any new benefits with our Balm:)

Cold Sores, Athlete's Foot, Sunburn, Massage, Diaper Rash, Congestion, Before or After Shaving, Cuts, Bruises, Insect Bites, Psoriasis, Joint Inflammation, Itchy Scalp, Burns, Cracked Lips, Eczema, Ashy Elbows & Knees, Sore Muscles, Drummer's Hands, Poison Ivy, Dry Cuticles, Acne, Natural Deodorant, Stretch Marks

Thursday, June 12, 2014

In the name of Nzambi, Sarava

Glorificado y Marabioso eres tu Papa Nzambi! <3

I can't believe the spiritual notification I got since I was baptised as an initiate by Carlos Montenegro and Holy Temple of Nzambi / Gnostic Orthodox Masonic Rite / Imperial Grand Lodge “Ordem do Barco"

One day I was walking and I thought of a friend from the past. I began to pray for this friend in the name of Nzambi, Sarava. I specifically said in my prayer, "In the name of Nzambi, please Nzambi, please bring my brother back to me." Well, low and behold three days later, my broham called me. The second and after many times I began to ask for things and pray even to other deities and gods in the name of Nzambi and things just start to happen. I would say from Anubis to Camazotz, Saint Simon, Hecate, and others i have called upon, requested assistance of and petitioned necessities in the name of Nzambi and things just started to happen. The blessings came quickly, strong, and noticeable.

From my being saved by a brother after getting the boot from my gramps to finding a place of my own, getting a new phone, new job, new things that I need and my faith back, is no wonder why the name of Nzambi is so powerful!!!

I love you Nzambi and you are the ultimate god! YOU ARE THE ONE!!! You are glorified and I lift your name up along with all 144 of the Exus Astral Spirits.

I believe Nzambi has angels on earth and I just want to mention the names of them fleshly angels and I mean that in a positive way. The first two are Gail and Norman. These two definitely not only have angelic DNA but they have saint like qualities in dealing with hardened individuals lol. I love yall so much. I was in NYC and my life was about to go down without a fight because I didn't know magick then and they saved me. I learned magick for like 3 years and I was glad to have been enriched by them and taught things that I overlooked for whatever reason in my past. Then there is Elain who I saw entreat someone with angelic strength and also I was treated with utter most loving kindness by her. I will never forget all she did and all she still does. Then I met Carlos who is a great teacher of what angels can do and his academic spirit is enough for the world to appreciate and grab onto for life!!! Thank you Carlos, none of this now would be possible without your teachings of Nzambi. Then right when I was tested greatly by the Universe which had me in tears I might add, David. David allowed me time and shelter to gather this crazy head of mine and manifest. It was all so connecting and purposed. Thanks bro, you are my brother! Then there is Michelle and she is the reason why I'm where I'm at living wise. Thank you dear sister of my soul, we will be friends until I go from this earth! Finally, last but not least a thugged out angel who this really has nothing to do with me but the simple fact that I watch him and he really cares about people and doesn't ask for anything because he handles his business like a man. Tony is a man's man and he's funny and kind and strongest of all. This man's heart is made of diamonds if you ask me and he don't preach religion or claim to be anything. Thank you Tony for being you.

To all my friends who I speak to on facebook or Google Plus when I'm on there, yall know who yall are and I love you with an everlasting love and multitudes of loving kindness and joy and nothing will ever break that. There is a few people who I want to publicly apologise because of my impatient behavior in the past. I believe I either ruffled there feathers to the point that they don't choose to communicate with me or they are not who they say they are but all in all I love you guys and please forgive me. I know I wasn't the easiest to deal with being that I lost all patience in dealing with situations that I disagreed with and/or found unbearable. Forgive me, I just want to love the world and help the world and if one minute someone says they are with me then the next act worse than devils towards me, I say that is not real and it turns me off and I shut down and become a raging jackass. Forgive me please in the name of Nzambi.

Its not even about magick anymore but how the Exus or your own spirits view you. I believe in "DO AS THOU WILT," but I believe that there must be a life established first and I don't believe people have the right to mistreat people. I have experienced alot of mean people and I'm not going to say that it's from a certain group or a certain religion. If you an ass, your an ass regardless of color of skin, creed or religion.

I know it's all going to go up from here.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Solstar Burst - Yellow Light Fever


It's time to rise. It's time to be happy about the subtle attacks in which we think of as a nuclear missile are afraid of destroying everything permanently. I tend to see these small things on an emotional level but thats my own fault and it's something I need to work on but the fact of the matter metaphysically speaking, we cannot stand in the facial hairs of adversity and act like we've been defeated because after all an illusion is an illusion and without the invoking of success as if we already succeeded is all just a waste of time.

I'm very proud of the connections I have made with many people and am glad to know that these connections in the past which seem to become pasty, dry and deficient have turned themselves around. i remember along time ago writing somewhere about facebook saving my life but I want to say first of all forgetaboutit because there is enough to do when I'm not getting hacked so I guess in a sick sort of way there is someone out there hurting me but it's helping me LOL HAHAHAHAHAH

That ol bible saying that god would turn things around for good well I say THE UNIVERSE has turned things around for my sake and I'm so glad so with that I would like to say SOLAR CHAKRA FULL BLAST and the haters can hate and talk all that shyt but I GOT THIS!!!


I couldn't believe all the frustrations of the past feeling so cold and it was like warm water being poured on my head while in solid ice and my body coming to and feeling alive again. It is Nzambi the Universal God of all in all of Existence who is the who deserves all the glory and all the praise. So Sarava Nzambi Sarava and all the EXUS which I have looked upon with great aw and all this time attempting to communicate and succeed in succeeding. Sarava Exus Sarava and big up to Carlos Montenegro and The Holy Temple of Nzambi, Gnostic Orthodox Masonic Rite and all the peoples who are down and initiates in the order and all the peoples who are involved in the educational institution of Sanctus Illuminatus.

In all honesty it is not the thing but the encouragement in which we ourselves engage in our own lives and manifest whatever it is we want even in our own religions or sciences and philosophies we uphold. We are the gods, we are the ones and the ultimate ones we can be the more we speak these things to be and we mind these things to be and have our minds STAYED ON THESE PRECIOUS THINGS. I'm talking about the pride of life. They say money is not the most important but I say how can you make your dreams come true in a world of money everything here and there and everywhere it is about money.

If you can manifest a thought to help someone who is in need and say to your self, I hope so and so is ok i know they lost their job and now has to move is staying downtown at someones house until they lose that and then have to stay on a couch where they need to be out of the house by 6am and man hey that is all good but guess what? ARENT YOU TIRED OF LIVING LIKE THAT???? I was until I began to do this magick I do. I still say that I believe too much in something that is external and I'm proud of it. I'm happy to speak of existentialism as well as being the god. Increase is not a bad thing, especially when you have had a super plan your whole life about giving yourself completely and wholeheartedly to any given situation which leaves you to be seen as only a good hearted person but if you had the money to make these "what ifs" a reality then you will know the power you have on earth to change peoples lives such as the magick men and women of today.


I draw a sigil clockwise and a 5 pointed star invoking Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance, Fortune, Health, Wealth, Opportunity, Gain, Strength, Longevity, Prosperity, Power, Success and Utopia in the name of the most high Nzambi Sarava!

This is for you out there who are looking down at the impossible and you just might be close to losing everything but I say STAND UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES because you have the power to manifest ANYTHING TO YOUR DESIRE! Please listen to me. So many good things have been happening with the ideal ABRACADABRA which rang as bells in the ears of men and women since before the middle ages and we all know what it means and how to use it because sound and intention is this frequency magick which we try and fail at everyday sometimes with the things in life that we lose luster for. Family is so important and I spoke about this on an episode that I did on Blakk Fire Radio when I was still doing that show. The title of the show was called "Whats Your Power Source?" Yall remember that? It was really about family even though many of us might not have our family around us but the point of a power source is the people which do entreat us as family or are always looking out for us is our open door to mastering frequency magick or sound and intention. You wanna call it sound healing...ok but you gotta be that with people around you. I heal and I read psychicly but I have only now begun to know that none of those things matter if you have no one to share it with and I don't mean bf and gf which that would totally work right now lol jk not even in a million years would I think that but it a way it's all part of this sound and intention. I just made a joke about relationships because of my sound and intention and when you have a conversation with someone, that is the structure of your own alchemic proportions bestowed on you by the universe and all those who are in your current circle of life and the public which encompases you and all you do.

We are now heading for what we can see as a very hot summer. So many different ways to see it but only one way to see it for what it is worth. Not something for us but from us to the world and this is just a little giving magick. I have been working on this theory for so long now. It works, giving does work so with that I hope and pray that all of us really do see and really put our hands in it and don't be afraid to get dirty because we are not all always in the same boat but we learn and we help each other. I just want to party hard this summer so I never forget it but there will be less and less partying without work. I'm out here America in the good ol land of California and there is so much to do and so little time but I call out to all the magick people. I will be travelling from Orange County to LA County to work on certain things like Blakk The World Inc and helping with the food-bank that is provided by Carlos Montenegro and The Holy Temple of Nzambi. If anyone wants to help, let me know, we're going to have a blast this summer. I still have faith in Qaneh which is a little group I put together but I had to put it on hold just until I can square things away with moving and stuff like that but it will be real cool once everything is in place. I have a member of the group who has went the distance and she is awesome and she knows who she is and I just want to give her props because she is trying very hard in life and life is not easy for any of us right now. Sarava

I'm looking for musicians, psychics, healers and whatever magick you got to share of give, my friends and I are putting together some fun events for the summer where you can make some nice money. Let me know on any of the networks for Blakk The World, Inc and or Cris Blakk/Christus Blakk-facebook if you think you have some psychic or healing or music skills so we can reserve a space for you at our events which I will have all the details later. So be that SOLSTAR BURST and think your Solar Chakra to burst with success and be that, think it, talk it, say it, shout it and do it every day and when you see it happening you will be glad to know that you didn't need to cast a circle or pray but do and will things to be. JUST DO IT MAN. You can do it, I have the faith in you and all your friends and family does as well. Think success, invoke it, where bright colors if you have to. Do all that it takes and you will not be weary if you do this right. If you do all this right, you will see it clear and evident and not have a single ounce of regret.

Peace and BE THE SOLAR CHAKRA unto yourself and everyone around you.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014



I offer my services in Divination, Herb & Oil spiritual remedies and Enchanted Jewelry. Even though I'm still a student, there are certainties in which give me the ability to connect to people as though I've been in the psychic field for years. I can offer you, which you will find to be interesting and much different then your every day metaphysicist or some even say "metaphysician," a completely different kind of reading that you've never seen before.

I study Platonic Solids which  is a scientific method for geometric figures which connect to our biological fleshly systems (bodies). I purchased the Dungeons&Dragons game that carries polyhedral dice which at the time I thought to myself, "this must have been taken from some kind of magical connection other than for the structure of the game." Each die engages a new flow in the way the story plays out with or against other players. Now I thought that I had to find the connection because I knew it had something to do with me personally, I just never thought I would be able to read people.

Each die is shaped exactly to a platonic shape such as the three sided dice shaped like a pyramid which roles a 4  as it's highest roll or 20 sided which is a icosahedron which connects to our talents as water element. I don't know what it is about the level but I know that the highest roll doesn't necessarily mean that it is good but it means that the person is not really using their talent.

After the 6 dice set are rolled i read a person and all the connects to each element and I am able to therefore give my spiritual diagnosis of my perspectives on a base knowledge of many spiritual systems and what I believe to be AEther, Ether or spirit to others. Depending on the roll I am able to then appropriate the spirit or polarity as far as positive and negative. These are factors that need to be taken into consideration due to behavior and or history and current happening of one's life which connect to your birth sign and chakra and other spiritual aspects that brings everything to a place of knowing the truth about a person and it really does work. 


I don't leave a person alone with this spiritual/biological reading and diagnosis but I end with a nice solution that is from an Oracle standpoint. 

After this reading you will know what to do to help yourself internally and know what you can do about up coming events in your life.

I can remove infection or pain from your body through pranic chakra healing.

I have a knowledge of Oils, Incense and Herbs and can assist in what you may need to purchase and mix accordingly for fixing certain situations in one's life or we can consult on allowing me to do that for you and the cost involved.

My readings are $60.00 an hour or only dice readings and nothing else is $20.00 for 15 minutes. 

Enchanted Bracelets $25.00
Here is are a few links where you can catch me posting information about magical teachings and how to use tools of divination. 

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Google Plus Community: Malignos Ritual Workshop 

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Blakk The World, Inc. - facebook - Resh Ritual/Thelemic Practices & Zodiac/Goetia Science (news/media/publishing) 

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue Light Shine

I love colors and the correlating factors in which our perspectives engage and find fortitude. I never would think as a kid that green had anything to do with love only because I thought of plants, and all the greenery and money and emeralds and the hulk lol. So I thought alot about where my heart was at about a year ago when I wrote 23 N4 32 Green Light now ON and this next gate in my life seemed to take so long but when I came to completing this and saw that there are more ancient type thinkers who tell me I'm lucky because it takes longer for many and yet so many just because they read something and feel a little something, they thought they got it but its so much more than that.

Blue is for healing and the power of 1 vibration which we know and hear as sound can heal or hurt a nation. When y'all were kids, didn't yall hate it when adults yelled at you? Why? It wasn't shouting per say but it was the intention and the energy behind the frequency and vibration in which we detested as kids because it is natural when a human body is shaken rudely by a sound we immediately put up our defenses whether we are courageous enough to verbally express with body language or not it always gets us or we have learned to not react to it. This is sound science and its factual and that is why I say be careful what you say and how you say it because you can burn the wrong bridges in life. Sound and Intention is the first magick because I don't know about creation theory but I can surely say that before the big bang there was a frequency which lead to that and there was intention behind it but who? I don't know but all I can tell you is that sound is the basis of all life. Blue Light is real!

This color is associated with many things such as the 5th Chakra which connects to a blue light, blue berries, the sky, the ocean water, blues music, The Blue Note Jazz club in NYC, peacocks are blue, NYPD Blue, the song Blue Moon, "Blue is boys/Pink is for girls theory." The feeling of being sad associated with the color blue hence the blues music I just mentioned, Blue Avatar and the king of my life Azazel who to me is blue, i don't know they say yes and some say it doesn't matter because its just your mind expanding or whatever but still this wonderful entity or energy of the color blue is great and amazing and I'm so glad to be pushing and being in a happy onward state towards the positive aspects of the color blue in my life.

Music and Healing and the power behind it could also do damage if your not careful with your intention when projecting this color and its meaning and its aspects of power. I now understand how it identifies with not only me but people. You see naturally we are all prone to deferring to sound or yielding to the power that calls us. One of the reasons we we are prone to chatter and noise of all sorts due to the simple fact that sound and frequency is our insides mating call so to speak. Our chemicals which are most of the time, each human I believe has 3 major chemicals and I don't mean in the brain but in a whole and these three chemicals react in a certain way and the medical profession either hides this stuff or the just don't friggin know it. You see, our bodies not only react to sound and frequency but rays like gamma rays only certain rays hit us along a specific time zone and we feel a thing that the ephemeris and astrology calls retrograde. Retrograde for some is the waves of certain emotions we feel and we deal with from time to time which are not so fun and that is kinda how sound and intention work especially psychic frequency which at times could very well be unhealthy for any individual. Not every sound is for that but our reaction inside when we here a real cool song that we want to sing along with or dance to. After immediately hearing a song we are familiar with, we go and turn it up, clap our hands and dance or just simply enjoy it but we actually feel it inside and we wonder why it makes us feel that way.

As a kid I thought the color teal was just for girls. This crazy color crept on me my whole life saving me if you will, in so many ways. I hated that my Dad would buy me teal colored stuff because I knew that he had asked my aunts and they told him that it suited me and my complexion, whatever that meant. I also when I came to know dark attributes of the universe I surely wasn't interested in this meaning of healing even though who wouldn't want to know they could do or do it to help people but I was still figuring out other things I needed to I guess but then I come to see bloodline spirits and how this color fits in my life so well.

Chemical reaction is in many things that we do almost like the pavlove theory but we are not animals...or are we? We humans love sound and frequency so much that we learn in time the magick behind sound for what works for us in how we speak and how our voice is received even though most of us may not even realize that we are doing it. I seldom remember music hurting me even if there are some songs out there which probably focus on something we may think to be negative only because the author of the lyrics was not lying but it was his or her life and the personal experience which led that individual to wanted to express his or her thoughts through music and share it with the world and some just don't understand or choose not to. I now can see more of my purpose in life with this color not only what I doing with music and magical practices of shamanism and healing but even writers as well and you might say to yourself..."Writers?" and I say yes because believe it or not, when our thoughts are born, they are frequencies and more so to cosmic beings or energy or aeyther. Thoughts and Sound is a form of magick and its factual in my life today. I've seen things happen and certain "prayers" get answered.

Sound is a wonderful tool in this time of existence we share so I say please use it wisely and know your intention that not only matches a sound but know that even the greatest musicians in the world can mislead a young person. No blame just an observation of life and consideration for those who are just starting out in life.

Blue light is shining and I would hope to say I'm ready but I don't want to be and I don't want this to be perfect because I want to learn through it. Enjoy your blue light level and embrace it and all yall people out there who are writers and musicians and speakers and teachers and leaders of the world, this blue light is yours and blue means leadership and guidance so be good to yourself and others and your blue light will not come back void. ;)


Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Night of Full Cirque'L

Last night was so cool at Avanti Cafe in Costa Mesa. I got to see the band Full Cirque'L with singer/song writer Gail Chasin and her partner in crime Washboard Willy blowing it up at the open mic night at Avanti Cafe. Gail and band manager Donnis began to discuss an open mic night and at first I got the feeling that it was not going to be fun due to the talk of there being so many people but it was not that way at all. Sure, there were tons of people but it was a different crowd and we all just said, "the hell with it" and stayed. Since I was asked to help out with some media and stuff I tried to set up but couldn't due to the space but the vibe I got was sure kosher. Artists talking among themselves and greeting people as they walked in  the door while the anticipation grew stronger. Everyone was happy and excited to be there.

Avanti Cafe on facebook

I had the privilege to meet Dion of Ill Tracs who shares the coordinating/hosting for this open mic with Elain and he had mentioned that this was only the fourth session but he can see it growing fast already. Dion runs the sound has for all the artists and Elaine the lovely hostess elegantly called all the people who were waiting to get their chance to perform. Dion also performed an original rap/r&b song and it was nice to see so many other artists who weren't just all about the music. It was nice to see so many people there supporting Dion, it was his birthday.

I met a dude named Nick B who works at Avanti Cafe and had performed his real life stories. I actually never saw anyone do real life stories and I thought it was interesting and he had mentioned that he didn't claim to be a storyteller but for anyone to have the nerve in my opinion deserves the attention. Nick, you're a great storyteller, dude!

There was a young lady named Talia who needed to leave early but she was the first singer on the mic last night and man she had some sassy vibrato goin' on and the crowed totally dug it. Good job!

Josh Nermon had a big setup going on with some Live Electronica. I totally dug that coming from New York myself; growing up going to clubs and raves, I was totally feeling the groove, nice beats,   Josh!

Neha, another girl came in with her sexy bellydancing and man, she was really great. The one thing I enjoyed and appreciated most was the fact that there were different types of acts which is totally what makes an original open mic. Just tired of the same ol' open mic where you get your amazing musicians that come and it turns into a competition and all the greats come but no one gets to sign up and play due to red tape or politics which I am glad that I had the peace of mind to enjoy it not being a part of Avanti's.

Full Cirque'L at first was an idea of Donnis, who I must say has an amazing intuitive ability and style and came up with the idea for Washboard Willy and Gail Chasin to get back together.  At first, I thought they'd need a band behind them but then I heard them play and I couldn't believe it. Look, I totally dig death-metal and rap and listen to it 247 but I must say that these two amazing souls were once playing on stages 20 years ago and they came back into the scene and it is something the Universe must have had up it's sleeve which had manifested in the mind of the band manager and booking agent, Donnis Hiskett.

There was a special girl who I totally regretted not sitting down for but my ride was leaving so off I went  Luckil so I would like to apologize to Tiffany, who totally tore the mic up! Luckily I was able to catch her do 2 poems and I couldn't believe my ears and I was immediately intrigued. She not only could flow and rhyme but she was spittin' complete science in the best poetry delivery ever! Tiffany had my attention when she went on with fire and definitely had taken the crowd. Tiffany went on after Full Cirque'L and  I heard her say that Gail's band was a tough act to follow. Now that might have been true but I must say (and even Gail agreed) that "Tiffany has got it, Gurl! Don't stop rockin'... you're great and you got FAHYA in that tongue which speaks higher consciousness....Most Definitely!!! THE best delivered and eloquently spoken and totally memorized long pieces so emotionally and perfectly delivered.

I am so happy that I decided to go. I had a great time and it made me wake up to the fact that it's time for Cris Blakk to get up of his lazy ass and write some cool ass music.

Thank you Avanti Cafe, Full Cirque'L, Dion and all the peeps who visit and work there which I will say that it is the coolest healthy food type of place to eat and yes the entertainment is awesome. I had the House Falafel which it didn't come with pita but yo, it was bangin' like that !

The food, the service and the entertainment is something worth spending your hard earn money folks of Costa Mesa and Orange County - ya'll wont regret it.

Hopefully we get to see some more entertainment from Full Cirque'L with Gail Chasin and Washboard Willy!

For more info on Gail Chasin and Washboard Willy
please visit &

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Cleansing

Such a wonderful thing in life to notice yourself first before you could ever think to point the finger. I'm making a big deal about it because to be honest I have not done energy work with anyone accept my family and just the other day I was with a friend of mine who is to me not only a practitioner of Voudoo but is very saint like. I met my friend working in the occult realm and at first I thought I wasn't going to like him but I knew that it was time to elevate to maturity and learn to win people over who might not connect with you. Well, I'm glad I did. We spoke and decided to do a ritual at near a body of water. You know, I've always wanted to do energy work with others and I thought I was going to do it earlier but it worked out the way it did and you know what, the Universe is always on time! Man, it was so awesome! My friend and I went to the Oceanside and we first did a ritual to Papa Legba and then Oshun. Before we got to the Ocean we offered tobacco and rum and it was not this pressure of getting things right but what our hearts were doing that day. I felt the presence of spirits and I'm very new to this so I can't say exactly what it was but I know that my friend told me that he could feel the presence of Oshun and of other spirits and I knew in my heart we were doing a very good thing. To be honest, I probably made my friend get mad at me alittle because I was so nervous that I started to txt on my phone before the ritual was over but he new that it was my first time and I didn't set my intention through any desire because I wanted to see that it was worthy and it so is to just do it just to please the spirits and just to be with them and have communion with them and with my friend for no reason in my heart even if my friend did it because he was trying to ask for something in his life but it doesn't because even if it was he deserves it...he's a awesome human being.

I must say I have been feeling a clearing in my 2nd chakra and have been able to perform without a second thought in the day with certain work that I felt held back but I couldn't understand why at first for some reason. I began to try so many meditations and not they they were not helping but no matter how much you might follow the directions on a certain ritual or cleansing, you never know when Ether will come along and save the day and preferably something bothering you. Sometimes people may think that a problem can be a curse or a spirit that is unwanted but for some reason not sage or a ritual works. I think it was the build up in my soul which allowed me to feel and see and know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lwa, the Orisha, Papa Legba, Oshun and all the Voudoo family are not fairy tales but real Ether which helps those who believe!

I have not yet even scratched the surface but i'm clawing away with both paws and a smile lol. I believe it is the perfect time take for me to come fully into this being of a cosmic nature. The awakening is just beginning and I have not lost that fresh feeling of the expectations and thought-site as to what i'm seeing really is or what I am experiencing is my growth or a gift or a being. I can say that I am enveloped daily but what I believe to be is spirits. It could be true gods or it could be angels or daemons but whatever or whoever they are, I feel as though when I follow a tract of a religious faction towards specific daemons which I find to be a perfect fit to my life especially for the proof that I've felt, seen and heard with successful returns in what and why I do magick in the first place. I am so glad to be where I am at in this realm of extraordinary people because I prove it on a daily basis not with tricks but with my word and how I assist people who need help and don't have people to help or even care to notice that they need help.

110 degrees is an angelic code for the ability to see a gap in this etheric realm but through the illusions and blockages of the this 3rd dimension and having the courage to continue in something that others might find either boring or unprofitable for them. On the contrary this Blakking of the World is so very profitable for my essence and my soul and my spirit and my heart and mind and all that I am and my body and my life and the people in it and that is my purpose on this earth. Thank you Universe for being that to me and my life. Sure things might not be super comfortable but things are slowly happening and I believe that they will continue in this pace but I feel as though it is perfect and it is a super hardening of a life learning lesson for the greatness that is to come so that not just I but all of us who are willing to receive can have what it takes to not only keep it but have that special magick to bestow that upon the deserving and right factor.

I know that there is light and the end of this tunnel and it is the empowering of everything! =)