Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Night of Full Cirque'L

Last night was so cool at Avanti Cafe in Costa Mesa. I got to see the band Full Cirque'L with singer/song writer Gail Chasin and her partner in crime Washboard Willy blowing it up at the open mic night at Avanti Cafe. Gail and band manager Donnis began to discuss an open mic night and at first I got the feeling that it was not going to be fun due to the talk of there being so many people but it was not that way at all. Sure, there were tons of people but it was a different crowd and we all just said, "the hell with it" and stayed. Since I was asked to help out with some media and stuff I tried to set up but couldn't due to the space but the vibe I got was sure kosher. Artists talking among themselves and greeting people as they walked in  the door while the anticipation grew stronger. Everyone was happy and excited to be there.

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I had the privilege to meet Dion of Ill Tracs who shares the coordinating/hosting for this open mic with Elain and he had mentioned that this was only the fourth session but he can see it growing fast already. Dion runs the sound has for all the artists and Elaine the lovely hostess elegantly called all the people who were waiting to get their chance to perform. Dion also performed an original rap/r&b song and it was nice to see so many other artists who weren't just all about the music. It was nice to see so many people there supporting Dion, it was his birthday.

I met a dude named Nick B who works at Avanti Cafe and had performed his real life stories. I actually never saw anyone do real life stories and I thought it was interesting and he had mentioned that he didn't claim to be a storyteller but for anyone to have the nerve in my opinion deserves the attention. Nick, you're a great storyteller, dude!

There was a young lady named Talia who needed to leave early but she was the first singer on the mic last night and man she had some sassy vibrato goin' on and the crowed totally dug it. Good job!

Josh Nermon had a big setup going on with some Live Electronica. I totally dug that coming from New York myself; growing up going to clubs and raves, I was totally feeling the groove, nice beats,   Josh!

Neha, another girl came in with her sexy bellydancing and man, she was really great. The one thing I enjoyed and appreciated most was the fact that there were different types of acts which is totally what makes an original open mic. Just tired of the same ol' open mic where you get your amazing musicians that come and it turns into a competition and all the greats come but no one gets to sign up and play due to red tape or politics which I am glad that I had the peace of mind to enjoy it not being a part of Avanti's.

Full Cirque'L at first was an idea of Donnis, who I must say has an amazing intuitive ability and style and came up with the idea for Washboard Willy and Gail Chasin to get back together.  At first, I thought they'd need a band behind them but then I heard them play and I couldn't believe it. Look, I totally dig death-metal and rap and listen to it 247 but I must say that these two amazing souls were once playing on stages 20 years ago and they came back into the scene and it is something the Universe must have had up it's sleeve which had manifested in the mind of the band manager and booking agent, Donnis Hiskett.

There was a special girl who I totally regretted not sitting down for but my ride was leaving so off I went  Luckil so I would like to apologize to Tiffany, who totally tore the mic up! Luckily I was able to catch her do 2 poems and I couldn't believe my ears and I was immediately intrigued. She not only could flow and rhyme but she was spittin' complete science in the best poetry delivery ever! Tiffany had my attention when she went on with fire and definitely had taken the crowd. Tiffany went on after Full Cirque'L and  I heard her say that Gail's band was a tough act to follow. Now that might have been true but I must say (and even Gail agreed) that "Tiffany has got it, Gurl! Don't stop rockin'... you're great and you got FAHYA in that tongue which speaks higher consciousness....Most Definitely!!! THE best delivered and eloquently spoken and totally memorized long pieces so emotionally and perfectly delivered.

I am so happy that I decided to go. I had a great time and it made me wake up to the fact that it's time for Cris Blakk to get up of his lazy ass and write some cool ass music.

Thank you Avanti Cafe, Full Cirque'L, Dion and all the peeps who visit and work there which I will say that it is the coolest healthy food type of place to eat and yes the entertainment is awesome. I had the House Falafel which it didn't come with pita but yo, it was bangin' like that !

The food, the service and the entertainment is something worth spending your hard earn money folks of Costa Mesa and Orange County - ya'll wont regret it.

Hopefully we get to see some more entertainment from Full Cirque'L with Gail Chasin and Washboard Willy!

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