Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue Light Shine

I love colors and the correlating factors in which our perspectives engage and find fortitude. I never would think as a kid that green had anything to do with love only because I thought of plants, and all the greenery and money and emeralds and the hulk lol. So I thought alot about where my heart was at about a year ago when I wrote 23 N4 32 Green Light now ON and this next gate in my life seemed to take so long but when I came to completing this and saw that there are more ancient type thinkers who tell me I'm lucky because it takes longer for many and yet so many just because they read something and feel a little something, they thought they got it but its so much more than that.

Blue is for healing and the power of 1 vibration which we know and hear as sound can heal or hurt a nation. When y'all were kids, didn't yall hate it when adults yelled at you? Why? It wasn't shouting per say but it was the intention and the energy behind the frequency and vibration in which we detested as kids because it is natural when a human body is shaken rudely by a sound we immediately put up our defenses whether we are courageous enough to verbally express with body language or not it always gets us or we have learned to not react to it. This is sound science and its factual and that is why I say be careful what you say and how you say it because you can burn the wrong bridges in life. Sound and Intention is the first magick because I don't know about creation theory but I can surely say that before the big bang there was a frequency which lead to that and there was intention behind it but who? I don't know but all I can tell you is that sound is the basis of all life. Blue Light is real!

This color is associated with many things such as the 5th Chakra which connects to a blue light, blue berries, the sky, the ocean water, blues music, The Blue Note Jazz club in NYC, peacocks are blue, NYPD Blue, the song Blue Moon, "Blue is boys/Pink is for girls theory." The feeling of being sad associated with the color blue hence the blues music I just mentioned, Blue Avatar and the king of my life Azazel who to me is blue, i don't know they say yes and some say it doesn't matter because its just your mind expanding or whatever but still this wonderful entity or energy of the color blue is great and amazing and I'm so glad to be pushing and being in a happy onward state towards the positive aspects of the color blue in my life.

Music and Healing and the power behind it could also do damage if your not careful with your intention when projecting this color and its meaning and its aspects of power. I now understand how it identifies with not only me but people. You see naturally we are all prone to deferring to sound or yielding to the power that calls us. One of the reasons we we are prone to chatter and noise of all sorts due to the simple fact that sound and frequency is our insides mating call so to speak. Our chemicals which are most of the time, each human I believe has 3 major chemicals and I don't mean in the brain but in a whole and these three chemicals react in a certain way and the medical profession either hides this stuff or the just don't friggin know it. You see, our bodies not only react to sound and frequency but rays like gamma rays only certain rays hit us along a specific time zone and we feel a thing that the ephemeris and astrology calls retrograde. Retrograde for some is the waves of certain emotions we feel and we deal with from time to time which are not so fun and that is kinda how sound and intention work especially psychic frequency which at times could very well be unhealthy for any individual. Not every sound is for that but our reaction inside when we here a real cool song that we want to sing along with or dance to. After immediately hearing a song we are familiar with, we go and turn it up, clap our hands and dance or just simply enjoy it but we actually feel it inside and we wonder why it makes us feel that way.

As a kid I thought the color teal was just for girls. This crazy color crept on me my whole life saving me if you will, in so many ways. I hated that my Dad would buy me teal colored stuff because I knew that he had asked my aunts and they told him that it suited me and my complexion, whatever that meant. I also when I came to know dark attributes of the universe I surely wasn't interested in this meaning of healing even though who wouldn't want to know they could do or do it to help people but I was still figuring out other things I needed to I guess but then I come to see bloodline spirits and how this color fits in my life so well.

Chemical reaction is in many things that we do almost like the pavlove theory but we are not animals...or are we? We humans love sound and frequency so much that we learn in time the magick behind sound for what works for us in how we speak and how our voice is received even though most of us may not even realize that we are doing it. I seldom remember music hurting me even if there are some songs out there which probably focus on something we may think to be negative only because the author of the lyrics was not lying but it was his or her life and the personal experience which led that individual to wanted to express his or her thoughts through music and share it with the world and some just don't understand or choose not to. I now can see more of my purpose in life with this color not only what I doing with music and magical practices of shamanism and healing but even writers as well and you might say to yourself..."Writers?" and I say yes because believe it or not, when our thoughts are born, they are frequencies and more so to cosmic beings or energy or aeyther. Thoughts and Sound is a form of magick and its factual in my life today. I've seen things happen and certain "prayers" get answered.

Sound is a wonderful tool in this time of existence we share so I say please use it wisely and know your intention that not only matches a sound but know that even the greatest musicians in the world can mislead a young person. No blame just an observation of life and consideration for those who are just starting out in life.

Blue light is shining and I would hope to say I'm ready but I don't want to be and I don't want this to be perfect because I want to learn through it. Enjoy your blue light level and embrace it and all yall people out there who are writers and musicians and speakers and teachers and leaders of the world, this blue light is yours and blue means leadership and guidance so be good to yourself and others and your blue light will not come back void. ;)


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