Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Cleansing

Such a wonderful thing in life to notice yourself first before you could ever think to point the finger. I'm making a big deal about it because to be honest I have not done energy work with anyone accept my family and just the other day I was with a friend of mine who is to me not only a practitioner of Voudoo but is very saint like. I met my friend working in the occult realm and at first I thought I wasn't going to like him but I knew that it was time to elevate to maturity and learn to win people over who might not connect with you. Well, I'm glad I did. We spoke and decided to do a ritual at near a body of water. You know, I've always wanted to do energy work with others and I thought I was going to do it earlier but it worked out the way it did and you know what, the Universe is always on time! Man, it was so awesome! My friend and I went to the Oceanside and we first did a ritual to Papa Legba and then Oshun. Before we got to the Ocean we offered tobacco and rum and it was not this pressure of getting things right but what our hearts were doing that day. I felt the presence of spirits and I'm very new to this so I can't say exactly what it was but I know that my friend told me that he could feel the presence of Oshun and of other spirits and I knew in my heart we were doing a very good thing. To be honest, I probably made my friend get mad at me alittle because I was so nervous that I started to txt on my phone before the ritual was over but he new that it was my first time and I didn't set my intention through any desire because I wanted to see that it was worthy and it so is to just do it just to please the spirits and just to be with them and have communion with them and with my friend for no reason in my heart even if my friend did it because he was trying to ask for something in his life but it doesn't because even if it was he deserves it...he's a awesome human being.

I must say I have been feeling a clearing in my 2nd chakra and have been able to perform without a second thought in the day with certain work that I felt held back but I couldn't understand why at first for some reason. I began to try so many meditations and not they they were not helping but no matter how much you might follow the directions on a certain ritual or cleansing, you never know when Ether will come along and save the day and preferably something bothering you. Sometimes people may think that a problem can be a curse or a spirit that is unwanted but for some reason not sage or a ritual works. I think it was the build up in my soul which allowed me to feel and see and know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lwa, the Orisha, Papa Legba, Oshun and all the Voudoo family are not fairy tales but real Ether which helps those who believe!

I have not yet even scratched the surface but i'm clawing away with both paws and a smile lol. I believe it is the perfect time take for me to come fully into this being of a cosmic nature. The awakening is just beginning and I have not lost that fresh feeling of the expectations and thought-site as to what i'm seeing really is or what I am experiencing is my growth or a gift or a being. I can say that I am enveloped daily but what I believe to be is spirits. It could be true gods or it could be angels or daemons but whatever or whoever they are, I feel as though when I follow a tract of a religious faction towards specific daemons which I find to be a perfect fit to my life especially for the proof that I've felt, seen and heard with successful returns in what and why I do magick in the first place. I am so glad to be where I am at in this realm of extraordinary people because I prove it on a daily basis not with tricks but with my word and how I assist people who need help and don't have people to help or even care to notice that they need help.

110 degrees is an angelic code for the ability to see a gap in this etheric realm but through the illusions and blockages of the this 3rd dimension and having the courage to continue in something that others might find either boring or unprofitable for them. On the contrary this Blakking of the World is so very profitable for my essence and my soul and my spirit and my heart and mind and all that I am and my body and my life and the people in it and that is my purpose on this earth. Thank you Universe for being that to me and my life. Sure things might not be super comfortable but things are slowly happening and I believe that they will continue in this pace but I feel as though it is perfect and it is a super hardening of a life learning lesson for the greatness that is to come so that not just I but all of us who are willing to receive can have what it takes to not only keep it but have that special magick to bestow that upon the deserving and right factor.

I know that there is light and the end of this tunnel and it is the empowering of everything! =)



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