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I offer my services in Divination, Herb & Oil spiritual remedies and Enchanted Jewelry. Even though I'm still a student, there are certainties in which give me the ability to connect to people as though I've been in the psychic field for years. I can offer you, which you will find to be interesting and much different then your every day metaphysicist or some even say "metaphysician," a completely different kind of reading that you've never seen before.

I study Platonic Solids which  is a scientific method for geometric figures which connect to our biological fleshly systems (bodies). I purchased the Dungeons&Dragons game that carries polyhedral dice which at the time I thought to myself, "this must have been taken from some kind of magical connection other than for the structure of the game." Each die engages a new flow in the way the story plays out with or against other players. Now I thought that I had to find the connection because I knew it had something to do with me personally, I just never thought I would be able to read people.

Each die is shaped exactly to a platonic shape such as the three sided dice shaped like a pyramid which roles a 4  as it's highest roll or 20 sided which is a icosahedron which connects to our talents as water element. I don't know what it is about the level but I know that the highest roll doesn't necessarily mean that it is good but it means that the person is not really using their talent.

After the 6 dice set are rolled i read a person and all the connects to each element and I am able to therefore give my spiritual diagnosis of my perspectives on a base knowledge of many spiritual systems and what I believe to be AEther, Ether or spirit to others. Depending on the roll I am able to then appropriate the spirit or polarity as far as positive and negative. These are factors that need to be taken into consideration due to behavior and or history and current happening of one's life which connect to your birth sign and chakra and other spiritual aspects that brings everything to a place of knowing the truth about a person and it really does work. 


I don't leave a person alone with this spiritual/biological reading and diagnosis but I end with a nice solution that is from an Oracle standpoint. 

After this reading you will know what to do to help yourself internally and know what you can do about up coming events in your life.

I can remove infection or pain from your body through pranic chakra healing.

I have a knowledge of Oils, Incense and Herbs and can assist in what you may need to purchase and mix accordingly for fixing certain situations in one's life or we can consult on allowing me to do that for you and the cost involved.

My readings are $60.00 an hour or only dice readings and nothing else is $20.00 for 15 minutes. 

Enchanted Bracelets $25.00
Here is are a few links where you can catch me posting information about magical teachings and how to use tools of divination. 

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