Friday, May 16, 2014

Solstar Burst - Yellow Light Fever


It's time to rise. It's time to be happy about the subtle attacks in which we think of as a nuclear missile are afraid of destroying everything permanently. I tend to see these small things on an emotional level but thats my own fault and it's something I need to work on but the fact of the matter metaphysically speaking, we cannot stand in the facial hairs of adversity and act like we've been defeated because after all an illusion is an illusion and without the invoking of success as if we already succeeded is all just a waste of time.

I'm very proud of the connections I have made with many people and am glad to know that these connections in the past which seem to become pasty, dry and deficient have turned themselves around. i remember along time ago writing somewhere about facebook saving my life but I want to say first of all forgetaboutit because there is enough to do when I'm not getting hacked so I guess in a sick sort of way there is someone out there hurting me but it's helping me LOL HAHAHAHAHAH

That ol bible saying that god would turn things around for good well I say THE UNIVERSE has turned things around for my sake and I'm so glad so with that I would like to say SOLAR CHAKRA FULL BLAST and the haters can hate and talk all that shyt but I GOT THIS!!!


I couldn't believe all the frustrations of the past feeling so cold and it was like warm water being poured on my head while in solid ice and my body coming to and feeling alive again. It is Nzambi the Universal God of all in all of Existence who is the who deserves all the glory and all the praise. So Sarava Nzambi Sarava and all the EXUS which I have looked upon with great aw and all this time attempting to communicate and succeed in succeeding. Sarava Exus Sarava and big up to Carlos Montenegro and The Holy Temple of Nzambi, Gnostic Orthodox Masonic Rite and all the peoples who are down and initiates in the order and all the peoples who are involved in the educational institution of Sanctus Illuminatus.

In all honesty it is not the thing but the encouragement in which we ourselves engage in our own lives and manifest whatever it is we want even in our own religions or sciences and philosophies we uphold. We are the gods, we are the ones and the ultimate ones we can be the more we speak these things to be and we mind these things to be and have our minds STAYED ON THESE PRECIOUS THINGS. I'm talking about the pride of life. They say money is not the most important but I say how can you make your dreams come true in a world of money everything here and there and everywhere it is about money.

If you can manifest a thought to help someone who is in need and say to your self, I hope so and so is ok i know they lost their job and now has to move is staying downtown at someones house until they lose that and then have to stay on a couch where they need to be out of the house by 6am and man hey that is all good but guess what? ARENT YOU TIRED OF LIVING LIKE THAT???? I was until I began to do this magick I do. I still say that I believe too much in something that is external and I'm proud of it. I'm happy to speak of existentialism as well as being the god. Increase is not a bad thing, especially when you have had a super plan your whole life about giving yourself completely and wholeheartedly to any given situation which leaves you to be seen as only a good hearted person but if you had the money to make these "what ifs" a reality then you will know the power you have on earth to change peoples lives such as the magick men and women of today.


I draw a sigil clockwise and a 5 pointed star invoking Peace, Love, Harmony, Abundance, Fortune, Health, Wealth, Opportunity, Gain, Strength, Longevity, Prosperity, Power, Success and Utopia in the name of the most high Nzambi Sarava!

This is for you out there who are looking down at the impossible and you just might be close to losing everything but I say STAND UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES because you have the power to manifest ANYTHING TO YOUR DESIRE! Please listen to me. So many good things have been happening with the ideal ABRACADABRA which rang as bells in the ears of men and women since before the middle ages and we all know what it means and how to use it because sound and intention is this frequency magick which we try and fail at everyday sometimes with the things in life that we lose luster for. Family is so important and I spoke about this on an episode that I did on Blakk Fire Radio when I was still doing that show. The title of the show was called "Whats Your Power Source?" Yall remember that? It was really about family even though many of us might not have our family around us but the point of a power source is the people which do entreat us as family or are always looking out for us is our open door to mastering frequency magick or sound and intention. You wanna call it sound healing...ok but you gotta be that with people around you. I heal and I read psychicly but I have only now begun to know that none of those things matter if you have no one to share it with and I don't mean bf and gf which that would totally work right now lol jk not even in a million years would I think that but it a way it's all part of this sound and intention. I just made a joke about relationships because of my sound and intention and when you have a conversation with someone, that is the structure of your own alchemic proportions bestowed on you by the universe and all those who are in your current circle of life and the public which encompases you and all you do.

We are now heading for what we can see as a very hot summer. So many different ways to see it but only one way to see it for what it is worth. Not something for us but from us to the world and this is just a little giving magick. I have been working on this theory for so long now. It works, giving does work so with that I hope and pray that all of us really do see and really put our hands in it and don't be afraid to get dirty because we are not all always in the same boat but we learn and we help each other. I just want to party hard this summer so I never forget it but there will be less and less partying without work. I'm out here America in the good ol land of California and there is so much to do and so little time but I call out to all the magick people. I will be travelling from Orange County to LA County to work on certain things like Blakk The World Inc and helping with the food-bank that is provided by Carlos Montenegro and The Holy Temple of Nzambi. If anyone wants to help, let me know, we're going to have a blast this summer. I still have faith in Qaneh which is a little group I put together but I had to put it on hold just until I can square things away with moving and stuff like that but it will be real cool once everything is in place. I have a member of the group who has went the distance and she is awesome and she knows who she is and I just want to give her props because she is trying very hard in life and life is not easy for any of us right now. Sarava

I'm looking for musicians, psychics, healers and whatever magick you got to share of give, my friends and I are putting together some fun events for the summer where you can make some nice money. Let me know on any of the networks for Blakk The World, Inc and or Cris Blakk/Christus Blakk-facebook if you think you have some psychic or healing or music skills so we can reserve a space for you at our events which I will have all the details later. So be that SOLSTAR BURST and think your Solar Chakra to burst with success and be that, think it, talk it, say it, shout it and do it every day and when you see it happening you will be glad to know that you didn't need to cast a circle or pray but do and will things to be. JUST DO IT MAN. You can do it, I have the faith in you and all your friends and family does as well. Think success, invoke it, where bright colors if you have to. Do all that it takes and you will not be weary if you do this right. If you do all this right, you will see it clear and evident and not have a single ounce of regret.

Peace and BE THE SOLAR CHAKRA unto yourself and everyone around you.