Thursday, June 12, 2014

In the name of Nzambi, Sarava

Glorificado y Marabioso eres tu Papa Nzambi! <3

I can't believe the spiritual notification I got since I was baptised as an initiate by Carlos Montenegro and Holy Temple of Nzambi / Gnostic Orthodox Masonic Rite / Imperial Grand Lodge “Ordem do Barco"

One day I was walking and I thought of a friend from the past. I began to pray for this friend in the name of Nzambi, Sarava. I specifically said in my prayer, "In the name of Nzambi, please Nzambi, please bring my brother back to me." Well, low and behold three days later, my broham called me. The second and after many times I began to ask for things and pray even to other deities and gods in the name of Nzambi and things just start to happen. I would say from Anubis to Camazotz, Saint Simon, Hecate, and others i have called upon, requested assistance of and petitioned necessities in the name of Nzambi and things just started to happen. The blessings came quickly, strong, and noticeable.

From my being saved by a brother after getting the boot from my gramps to finding a place of my own, getting a new phone, new job, new things that I need and my faith back, is no wonder why the name of Nzambi is so powerful!!!

I love you Nzambi and you are the ultimate god! YOU ARE THE ONE!!! You are glorified and I lift your name up along with all 144 of the Exus Astral Spirits.

I believe Nzambi has angels on earth and I just want to mention the names of them fleshly angels and I mean that in a positive way. The first two are Gail and Norman. These two definitely not only have angelic DNA but they have saint like qualities in dealing with hardened individuals lol. I love yall so much. I was in NYC and my life was about to go down without a fight because I didn't know magick then and they saved me. I learned magick for like 3 years and I was glad to have been enriched by them and taught things that I overlooked for whatever reason in my past. Then there is Elain who I saw entreat someone with angelic strength and also I was treated with utter most loving kindness by her. I will never forget all she did and all she still does. Then I met Carlos who is a great teacher of what angels can do and his academic spirit is enough for the world to appreciate and grab onto for life!!! Thank you Carlos, none of this now would be possible without your teachings of Nzambi. Then right when I was tested greatly by the Universe which had me in tears I might add, David. David allowed me time and shelter to gather this crazy head of mine and manifest. It was all so connecting and purposed. Thanks bro, you are my brother! Then there is Michelle and she is the reason why I'm where I'm at living wise. Thank you dear sister of my soul, we will be friends until I go from this earth! Finally, last but not least a thugged out angel who this really has nothing to do with me but the simple fact that I watch him and he really cares about people and doesn't ask for anything because he handles his business like a man. Tony is a man's man and he's funny and kind and strongest of all. This man's heart is made of diamonds if you ask me and he don't preach religion or claim to be anything. Thank you Tony for being you.

To all my friends who I speak to on facebook or Google Plus when I'm on there, yall know who yall are and I love you with an everlasting love and multitudes of loving kindness and joy and nothing will ever break that. There is a few people who I want to publicly apologise because of my impatient behavior in the past. I believe I either ruffled there feathers to the point that they don't choose to communicate with me or they are not who they say they are but all in all I love you guys and please forgive me. I know I wasn't the easiest to deal with being that I lost all patience in dealing with situations that I disagreed with and/or found unbearable. Forgive me, I just want to love the world and help the world and if one minute someone says they are with me then the next act worse than devils towards me, I say that is not real and it turns me off and I shut down and become a raging jackass. Forgive me please in the name of Nzambi.

Its not even about magick anymore but how the Exus or your own spirits view you. I believe in "DO AS THOU WILT," but I believe that there must be a life established first and I don't believe people have the right to mistreat people. I have experienced alot of mean people and I'm not going to say that it's from a certain group or a certain religion. If you an ass, your an ass regardless of color of skin, creed or religion.

I know it's all going to go up from here.


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