Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lets Fill Ourselves w/ Loves

I don't know what happened along the way, so many experiences to differentiate from and many aspects of my experiences to consider for this analytical view on Love and what it's supposed to be.

So far on earth, people are looking at family as the real love and that is for those with the right experience in family. I don't want to start shooting out numbers because I could be wrong but there are more people just coming to a regular state or experience and most people are starting to lean towards their family for Love. This is because of the number of failed attempts and the open view or divorce among so many people. So many broken families and so many screwed up kids that grew up and find it hard to cope with life because they were not loved properly.

So many people out there try and have tried with their partners or significant others and have found a decrease in trust and the thought that Love doesn't really exist in this way. I personally have posted not too long ago about this and I believe it was that I posted about caring being compared to the mushy love and I said that there really isn't any such thing as that accept for in our minds just like when we invent things.

Love when made from a super fast mushy segmented time to a seriousness well, a lot of couples in America especially have allowed themselves to engage in that type of a robotic sense through only their emotions and not decision making. Some are real about it no doubt and don't get me wrong I'm not saying Love can't be real but the majority of relationships are pretty odd out there.

I can see it in people when one loves on the other either more or strongly at that moment. This doesn't mean that one loves the other better but that it is how that person has either structured themselves to love because they learned it or have been loved like that before and is just learning a pattern. If life out there and I'm not saying people but governing sects were true and good to the people then people wouldn't be acting like this too much because they wouldn't be so afraid to have to pull the so called diamond out of the rough and rush to make a life for comfort joy but the truth is that this factor of life is just fear based and ego driven.

Love is when your partner is dying of cancer and your whole body and mind and soul and heart has been conformed to care for your partner and not complain about it but overstand the true love behind it all.

Love is when a couple is walking in the hot sun and there is a swallow of water left in the water bottle and the weaker one sacrifices and hands the bottle to their partner.

Love is when you do all you can for your partner placing the importance of their desire above yourself even if that individual has to give up something they like for a temporary time.

Love is when you have decided!!! THIS IS THE TRUTH which cannot be broken!
I have decided to follow this Blue Light out of love for myself and I also have decided to love someone for no reason. I have found myself in a dangerous situation and I found myself also loving someone that I really didn't have control over as far as my feelings are concerned and I am learning about myself and learning to let go of things that don't help my life or my path.

Love is when you are in pain and you get up out of bed to do things that will make your pain excruciating.

Love is when you smile and send love and energy that is so healthy and good with not a thought in mind to receive back from it.

Love is not saying you love someone just so that you can see or read or vibe off of watching them say it back.

Love is when you love someone where they are at in life even if it hurts because the truth of the matter is that if you feel this pain it is really because you are allowing yourself to receive it and the ego behind it is assuming that you are entitled to a perfect love only because of the way you think your love stands in this universe.

Love is not a game but you can love someone through that.

Love is not violence but you can love someone out of that.

Love is not selfish but you can love someone while they stay in that.

Love is not about a squishy or fuzzy feeling that is temporary but it is a decision made to care for this person whether you care for them through giving that person your time, treasure, talent or yourself in heart, mind and body regardless of what happens.

You can although love which ever way you please and it still doesn't matter because you are the only love that anyone will ever see or receive.


I love my family, friends and people of the metaphysical and magical communities.

I love people who I have never met.

I love people who have hurt me in the past and I don't know why or how that is happening.

I love good and bad people and I certainly don't try to love them or love on the majority or regular people even but my love is reactive and when I see someone down I go to them and extend my hand in this Anointed Consciousness which we all have and can engage in if we wanted to.

I know someone who doesn't need to read this who loves the greatest and she is known and I only see wealth, health and prosperity for her far beyond human comprehension.

I know animals that love like the person in the above line.

I know men that love like this who are or were killers and regular as well.

I personally love the way I love and I don't care what anyone can say. I'm not perfect and I mess up in life but my love has been rescued and has been through the emergency room and has been operated on and has been through physical therapy and has had nights of total confusion because my heart just couldn't take the surrounding of vipers in wait for my blood of evil friends and family members of my past.

If anyone wants to love me I will love you back but if you try to hurt me I will not love you the same.

And even that statement that I just made, my inner warrior is learning to deal with that and do it better for the welfare of my own life and people surrounding me.

I say that you are the only god a lot so let me say this:

Love is YOU, you are the ONLY LOVE So as if it is the last day on Earth!!!