Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Flight of The People Under A Racist Government

I remember it was many years ago I heard Morgan Freeman get interviewed and ask the question about racism and he said ignore it. Let me tell you then, I was so disappointed in Mr. Freeman because I couldn't ever keep quiet about any injustice. Today, I totally see how he was not wrong. When you live under a racist-money "well oiled" machine regime like the trump administration and the owners of America do some really hack like shyt from the dawn of time, it is sagebrush say that it's one giant trolling of a unpredictable proportion but here we have a mockery of the public, then yes IGNORE THESE RACIST BASTARDS! How the hell is the media not covering the truth about who really is not agreeing with trump becoming president? And on top of that with all the killing of black people by police, standing rock and this ridiculous atrocity of a presidency, HOW DO WE IGNORE IT? I WILL TELL YOU HOW....ITS ALL FAKE! Forgive my rantings but I am only stating the obvious and for this reason the people need to come together more and greater than ever before. They lie about the masses and if you just look around you will see there are more people of color than anyone and that says a lot. In the Spring of 2000 The New York Post released an article stating that calling people of color "MINORITY" is not factually correct. People of color stopped being the minority a long time ago. One thing I can't believe is that people of color today believe they are the minority. This all played a part in the bullshyt behind this asshole wining the presidency by votes. Truth is I'm not mad @ trump in the least bit. I just lost all respect for this country's government. I can't believe how much of a lie it was on the news when they said nsa accused Russia for hacking the election when they wanted trump to win. All these associations like cia, nsa, Fema, and all these bullshyt groups were all made to bring down the people of color and all people that seem to be waking up. See the truth about black people getting killed and people being oppressed is GOOD NEWS....THEY ARE AFRAID OF OUR RECENT LARGE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE AWAKENING TO THEIR BULLSHYT!!!!

So now what we have is a way to actually get off our comfortable asses off our sports couches and recreate ourselves and our community because after all even though the presidency is fake as fuck and Obama was just a puppet, it felt good a s mother fucking hell for there to be a black president in this country I was born and raised in. The only thing is, it was an illusion. How could we have progressed as a country in 8 years but then this dickhead of an embarrassment becomes president? There's a huge drop off here.

After watching how sickening MIT Romney and McCain hypocritically talked shyt about Trump, I totally come to realize that they are all A LIE!!!  WE MUST UNITE IN ORDER FOR US TO GET THROUGH THIS. Personally, I have been building my own thing. I really wish more would join. What ever you do from selling lemonade on the street to being a janitor, teacher, trades worker or anything, it's time to look into the future for your own and everyone's own better well fare. Money is needed and we need to be cognizant of what we do with our money and where we spend it. We need to decide to create new ways of making money. Whatever it is, get up and get yourselves together. Get tight! Perfect our skills, perfect our lives and how we appropriate ourselves in the public. Push until we don't have to push any more! They're are so many young brothers out there with no one to help and let's not forget about jail and prison and not to mention all the people locked up for bullshyt like marijuana charges and other things that are ridiculous and unlawful. I saw a video watching cops arrest a girl for jogging. They called her to stop jogging and she had earphones on and well, one thing lead to another and she was in handcuffs and in the back of a police vehicle screaming about how she did not break the law.

For so long now we see the law and governments of the world as pure evil. It was never not evil. For all these reasons instead of going crazy and taking out racists like many of us wish to do, know that getting violent and protesting is only going to make it worse. The truth is trump and the wealthy racist trump administration is the boss and we need to be really smart about how we can create this new world for ourselves within this strange and ugly time. How can we all not win protesting is beyond me because of the number. Guess we didn't do it right. We could take over but there is another way. So many people are afraid to get involved with politics because they don't wanna fall into corruption. I say fuck that! We need to get our asses together, make money, save money and build our own communities. We the people need to fix our personal lives by fixing our credit, and to those who have fines and legal problems, fix them to so we are not a burden on anyone and then we can never be a burden to anyone. This is one way to prepare to get in office. Anyone can legally apply and get a position in your towns municipal buildings. We gotta now do this anyway we can but legally and rightfully. We need to protect ourselves. Arm ourselves legally and put aside the things that are only holding us back. We need to pull people together in our community and create home groups for answering questions and coming up with ideas to protect the youth and elders better. We need to stop all this fighting between the races and think how great it will be for everyone to embrace the unity especially with the two most exploited races in California alone are Black and Mexican people. Imagine if these two races were to unite in balance and not anger or hate or revenge but just to help each other, barter with each other, teach each other and feed each other, then you will see more added unto us and you will bare witness to a true utopia at least here on the West Coast. Uniting will also cause crime and police brutality to drop dramatically. Buy in your community. Quit buying all the expensive shyt made by companies who just hate us. Why would you purchase products, making the empire which wants us to die only richer? There are so many talented people out there who can make a difference. People need to stop thinking that opens better than the other for stupid reasons like religion. You know I visited many magical and spiritual organizations that don't really care about what I think or what I have to say because I'm fine without them. So far, my girl and I have not received on phone call from any person of any of these places, asking how we are. There was a time where we didn't have money for food and we went to a Christian church and they just gave us a hard time and wanted our ids. I can't wait to start our hungry program and help feed people and no we are not going to ask for id and we will be choosing the most needy first. Not because we like the person or just because they match our skin color. It's time to end all the nonsense! Unite for goodness, whether you are Black, Hispanic, Muslim or Satanist, if you are hungry because you don't have a job this summer we are going to do all of this. If we don't act now and put our pride aside, we may never be able to. FUCK THE SYSTEM!!! ITS TIME TO PUT DOWN THE GUNS&GLOVES AND UNITE AND BUILD!