Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lebowski Pajama Bowling Band Party June 17th

Monarch Blood Entertainment
Hermetic Records

This JUNE 17th @ 7pm-2am the Lebowski Pajama Bowling Band Party is set to premier. We got a few bands together and are still willing to allow a few more bands in. Bands start playing @ 9pm. This band party started with an idea of "the dude" hosting a band show because obviously we are all fans of the movie. The Swords of Fatima will be headlining the venue and the other bands Letters to Sam, Shams93 and The infinite Seas will be also performing the same night.

This crazy fun venue will be occupying the performance hall of Corbin Bowl located in Tarzana about 25 min west of Sherman Oaks. $7.00 @ The Door and You must be 21 yrs of age to purchase and consume adult beverages. There will be a Pajama Contest hosted by Miz 44. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prizes will be given out. Please come and join us for a good time of this unique mash-up with good music, tasty food & drink and cool people.

If you have a band or are an artist regardless of genre, you are welcome to come and join us for June 17th. Contact Cris or Michelle of Letters to 5am band on facebook or Cris Blakk The World band also on facebook. ALL genre are welcome!