Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cosmic Conscious Communications (commune with us)

Communication is one of the greatest attributes of humanity especially within those certainties which attracts the public today.

The point of our communicative process is most significant to the individual on the receiving end because it is what illuminates the hidden success which is within all people from birth when it comes to receiving in wellness. The choice of what product and why is the most important question in starting a business but if one doesn't know how to communicate properly then it will be easy for that individual to fall in impostor teachings such as: "coming at someone sideways" which teach that it is only survival of the fittest but don't worry, it's not your fault but the fault of the former age's autonomic system.

The opposing factor to this theory began during the first curve of the procession of the equinox which was many many moons ago, left a residue and aftermath poisoning the minds of the unconscious and changing the course of history. Subconsciously the former leaders of the world created earth to become almost as a dark matter like state, dead and empty, these corporate vampires have no choice but to step down because of this new curve which everyone totally misinterprets ancient prophecies as the end of the world due to destruction. As you can see it is not the end of the world so now is the best present opportunity to assist in turning this age around for yourself in goodwill so that you can be a blessing to society and not a blithe on the fabric of the innocent. Today those who come to this realization see the atrocity that mankind made for themselves is as an open sepulture or a mural of death and despair.

It doesn't have to be this way anymore. ;)

Zero gravity or higher power is YOU and it is the base ingredient in the greatest problem solving equation of all time. This is what gives the turn in this new curve opportunity to rise out of the ashes that the former leaders left behind and blame the current leaders for the problems we face today which has a negative global effect. and it is the business approach which determines most certainties of our global community to be found profitable and marks them to be included and is used positively in the equations of the short & long term goal of goodwill period and not just yourself.

When one does not recognize the greatness in all the world's Culture and their communing certainties, one cannot recognize the beauty alone in anything because the horse blinders come to the foolish in dollar sign clothing.

To monitor all your sources but choose business building in only that which mega blasts your first year of financial increase is false advertisement to excite the public and gain, effects us all negatively in the long run due to constant inflation creating a gyro flux with our national debt that feeds a blood stained residual income. Placing the dollar sign upfront in any business is telling the consumer that you are about to rob them lol. Next, the misconceived corporations' error is that they fail to see that only endorsing those so called ones in which they believe to have the highest yield and not poor and needy is like opening a gate from the underworld; not cool! Excluding not only those that don't even come close to that marketable scale is applied not only to their business but their personal life and how they view the world. They view their own family members this way. This is a disgrace!

Contagion is this view of intellect and those intelligent minds who have been publishing the warning signs of these private corporations for many years while those who choose to say, "What can I do about it, I can't even help myself," will remain there until they begin to give. This contagion infests the the moral fiber of the public with fear. Those who continue to do business in this way will soon seek the assistance of those who operate completely on the other side of the business spectrum and they will sadly be turned down. However, if opportunity arises and it is met with the former age business approach, it will only bring turmoil to every thing the erred individual put's their hand to. This then will lead many who are self-centered to not being able to be intimate with enlightenment to the conceived profit of those who are falsely marked as exponents and and those self centered people will remain stagnant like that of a misconceived notion that is endorsed by those only with wealth. This approach is what drives this matrixafied economy.

Clarity is pleasant and vague is difficult to understand with all its property. However, both are to be modified and upheld according to the flow of the social & business structure in which you determine to be of value. A special approach in business and overall communications must become the applied science from the source of your center core. Some call it a higher power but it is not an outside source but something that at least I can say for myself that it was never not with in my being. I've always felt this way. I just didn't know it before. This new curve of the procession of the equinox will only lead you to a higher plain of not only consciousness because we are all conscious but a open view of truths being exposed and the equalizing of a global economy but it is up to everyone to work it with love and not a fearing competitive spirit. No exponents but opportunity. No need to view what which you perceive to be unprofitable and exclude it from the equation of your short and long term goals. Every single fiber and element of everything, everyone and every place in your life is an open door to endless possibilities.

To see the value and profit in all things is not a gift or something to seek but to seek how to raise the deadness of it within you out as a gift for all humanity.

This communicating approach will yield the energy that manifests as increase to your personal life as well as social. The key is to rightly divide the information in which you dispense to everyone around you so be wise in your thought life and know that health starts in your mind then your heart and finally your words and actions. The constructing of a path such as this is indestructible. Then and only then can you start a business and not ask why it doesn't grow.

This is called TRUE communicative style which is mostly used by certain small business owners or the goodwill congloms who I have no problem co-signing; these individuals are those who have always applied to both their business & social structures because they are not attracted to a lie that their center core will not allow. This is where all life structures in this present age should aim to be abased and abound in.

The reason why certain small business owners and goodwill conglomerates do well is because they don't apply this theory while reality seems to apply itself according to their circumstances. Those who are of goodwill usually are the best teachers of this theory.

Give your time, talent and treasure in goodwill and you will yield true prosperity because you applied it first to the healthy of your mind, heart, words and actions.

How can one run a fare business without it? ;)

Is it magik?

I don't know but it works


Thursday, December 13, 2012



Come one come all to the NEW AGE. Step right up and get your ticket! 
This is a very long ride so I suggest you get your love cash ready. 

Thank you for existing. I am glad to see everyone here. Not only talking to humans but the energies of all kind. Whether dead or alive - whomever, wherever. There is no way with all that has been shown to me from the moment I was born to this present new age that I would  at this point, leave anyone out of the equation. Not even the most uneducated of people are determined less valuable then others so there is no way that people can be determined as unprofitable.

There will be no more judging and no more unfair acts. We are walking into a great turn of existence here. All the earth’s wisdom-heart will lead this age in the exactaa of what is perfection and how we can make that well with the earth and with humans and all people and all living beings.Whether sought by and examined well or not examined at all, the power of the shift is a gift for the dead as well as the living. The truth is that there are all kinds of beings in this existence and not one person or being has the right to judge, control, manipulate or take advantage of any other entity. So if you’re talking about doing something worse than those things which I just mentioned, then you are either lying or you’re the cause of the problem.  You’re either insecure or you’re the reason why everything in the world is so messed up so thank you for the last age but this age belongs to the life-givers, not the life takers!


How do you see it? How does it affect you when you’re asked this question? Think clearly please and ponder on what you know in your heart to be true; not because you hope it to be true but that it is because it is what is in forward motion at this moment and not of the past curve of the procession of the equinox.  Go well with all the people live on this earth and the knowledge that people chase trying to understand the purpose of life. You will see many things and perhaps you will not agree because of the way you were taught as a child but for some odd reason, you are the one to see it. In this PRESENT AGE AND NEW CURVE, don’t react when you see wrong. Walk through it. The reason why your eyes have been opened to something that you think might not be good for you but may be ok for others is that you are chosen. Chosen not to judge or become angry with what you are looking at with this problem arises but to handle it. We cannot foresee in their future, as clearly as we want. Not so much something for you to copy but a gift of learning. Let us put an end to the rejecting of a person for the color of their skin. Really…Man, I’m not going to mention any names but I went out with some friends to a restaurant and I could'nt believe that racism is still alive today. FEAR FEAR FEAR. I say NO! NO MORE BEING AFRAID. I’M NOT KILLING YOU, FEAR - I’M TELLING TO STOP TEMPTING HUMANS TO FEAR AND START LOVING. That goes for humans.

Fear stops humans from communicating properly with the dead.

I see certainties such as energy but yeah, lol, let's put it that way, Energy. This energy is part of what the DEAD is made out of regardless of what you believe or don't because it’s right there in the open and in our celestial plane as well. This energy that is connect to the dead is called Zero Point Energy which is the distinguished as the ether hypothesis.

I don’t care if you’re hiding and scared of speaking up or doing something about all this and or have come out like me. Man, I ain’t gonna lie. This shyt that I’m about to tell you used to scare the living crap out of me as a child and it still chills me. I mean, I’m not scared but its a funny thing going through this transition of what used to be as far as how I reacted in the past when encountering a spirit of the dead or another world as appose to how am viewing aeyther now.

Christians would usually tell me I have a demon in me for saying and writing all this. This one guy who I have to say is a great guy because he helped me so much to actually get to where I am now but he said, "Cris, don't get involved in all that space science because Satan is the one who made all that stuff up, lol. Look I knew well enough anyway to continue my work in science but I took the value of how he helped me. This man's heart was there and he didn't believe in anything that I had introduced to him as far as metaphysical theories that would prove that there is a higher existence than just humans to those who don't believe. while working together in the south.

Is there a god? Most people in this world don’t even realize that they could have been born a project of the government and you could be walking around chipped or probably got some kind of gene that isn't human. MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE IN THAT more than in themselves! I really wouldn't doubt if I had something like that was already in progress, starting from the beginning of America. I don’t know what it is to not think and configure without the thought of an energy being excluded because everything that you think and find to be true is a virtue of space. I know that I was raised to believe in the God theory and It’s not that I don’t believe, I am just finding out who I really am and I know I’m not the only one. I know that there are other people like me. All it takes is research and studying. Look, it’s not my fault my parents were crazy in the cabeza when it came to scholastic studies and buckled me to tons of books my whole life.  What I want to disclose to the public is that for one, I used to be the kind of guy to judge people when I was really afraid and I was the type to exclude certain people out of my equation. Today I am collecting people and the will of those to give themselves to the press of time during this change that we so journ in our hope. When I found out about the truth about religion and the truth about energy and good and bad and right and left and favor and curse, I lost my fear for good. I knew that everything - even people who don’t believe, are all connected because of this certain gene in us.


Could you believe that those who practice art or music and all aspects of creativity are going to have favor with the world. This good luck gene has forces that are unknown to the regular human being. These multi-talented people will be the new leaders of the world and will change the lifestyle of the negative and all will be at peace. They will not separate or terminate anything but if there is a problem instead of trying to heal the sickness, these amazing people are going to reverse everything back to normal. This is called being locked in 0 but the number is 00. This is when most of the people on Earth after coming together for a while and pressing against all negativity and preparing the way for the return of greatness and peace for all the world and not just America.

Any circle is the same as anything that is made as a sphere but there is a freakishly odd connection is that it really is in any sphere or circle that you might know of. If you look at a cell, a compass, an astroligical chart or even an Enochian sigil or pagan, and it’s structure and truly examine the value of a cell then you would know its increase and decrease and realize that all those circle and spheres fit because of the simple fact that it comes to life when you place your intention on it wink wink. I know it sounds nuts but you have to look at them to know what I'm saying. If you were in charge of taking care of cells then you would really raise them correctly. My point is this - If you look at all the history and the philosophy of the world and think about where things come from and why did things happen to turn out like this, you will know what an exactaa is or what is an absolute solution. Think about all the cells in your body. Think about the ones that are still working when you die. There is a connection with the dead and the stardust in our DNA. The crazy thing about it is that it's magnetic and it curves and coils and it is not easy to work it but it is in everyone when they are born. This stream comes from within you going outward. This stream has the power to reach limitless heights with great favor and power. What can one do with this power - be a scumbag and rule the world and kill those who get in your way? No. You have to power to stop it with a giving heart and a loving attitude.


Some people get to know this even as babies. This is why people grow up hating the things that it doesn't understand. It is a shock for a child to witness the horrid atrocities of life and the people who are responsible should really learn the coil of this so-called stardust that teaches correctly instead of allowing the idealism of competition squander the light-life with in the youth of not only America but all the world. Everyone in this world regardless of age, sex, place of origin and all that follows has the right to live their life the way one should see fit. This is a true statement. Now, if you look at a giant video game screen as if you are the driver and you are trying to get to the goal and you are trying to drive the best you can and now you're in the car with another person, most of the time you will probably have a backseat in your company. You will eventually get tired of people like this but most of the time getting angry at these people is wrong because these people will be the ones to truly redirect the world. The person being the backseat driver begins to witness the errs of the way in which you operate you’re vehicle and says “Hey man, if you continue to operate your vehicle that way in an hour your will soon have problems with this lower part of your vehicle. This lower part of your vehicle are the things in which were told as complete opposites as if the former leaders of the world instructed the people in the opposite ways out of greed and fear like reverse psychology.


So if the lower part of your vehicle is messed up and you need to restructure it in the ways of you’re increase and the lower part of your vehicle is the part of your brain that has been lied to then this means you should now be on your way to having those things in order with the lower part of the vehicle because you will either run out of money attempting to chase the sluggish maintenance of machine that is traveling in the wrong direction. AND those very same people that you were heading advice and going along with because you don't wana be homeless will not care when everyone is homeless!

This is new curve is not about the right diving into the left and the left into the right but a plane in scale of what is and what was told as a lie before. This age is not to punish but to teach and relearn all truth and love and well-being with everyone; not kicking people out or cutting them off because they are wrong or whatever. This time is a change and not a horrendous anachronism that is actually now starting to un-code to the public. The Public has the choice of either paying real close attention at this point and be willing to work things out with each other and all our differences.

This new age is to speak the good will inside you towards others and prepare your life to be of help toward others. The spirit of prosperity that guides this world is this perfect light in which I speak of to you today. You are the god, you are the one, you are the greatest one. This age is yours and not for your misplaced errors but for you to value your life and the truth behind the meaning of life. Magic or Magik is this. You can use magic after all but it is not for you’re selfishness but for you to prosper and become all that have ever wanted to arise through the act of giving. I call it Blakk Magik, lol No, let me stop.  Really, I wish I could put my stamp of approval and I said that so you could see how that is the ways and mechanics of those leaders who were granted the 33 but misused it so now that the Universe is not allowing anyone to reach the 33.  We actually got a better deal this time around and that is this. 

WE GO THE OPPOSITE WAY (zodiacal compass) ;.)

With the right and left state of mind globally and celestially. With the attitude of not, “Well the whole idea is that I tried and at least I made it.” Sorry folks, but that is the old way; the old age. Listen you out there, you're not dumb so quit acting like it and open them smart eyes of your wisdom-heart and see it for what it truly is. If you want to use the word metaphysically to handle a situation then okay. We have to speak positively in favor of what isn’t yet but could be because it favors your life. Intention is the key that opens the door to power.

Sounds are the beginning and words are the way. Do you know why some words sound the same as others? Well, it was an action that took place in the universe and another action was made to take it's place but it wasn't exactly like the former action so it created a slightly different sound and a name. When you make a sound with intention, the effects are far greater than you could possibly imagine.  That is true magic.

 There is this control over the Universe and it is allowing for the people of earth to put down their pride and learn to work together for the good of the right and left and all the history and energies involved. I tell you what - if that 33 comes back and we’re not ready, it will be worse than all the things which happened since the 60’s.

If you don't want to live in a world 100 times worse than start thinking good thoughts. Really -every thought, every word and every action is accounted for in this glorious UNIVERSE. It’s not about sin and death but it’s not about wrong and yet it is. It's about those old ways of the old procession. Can I say old procession? Well these ways have been made to control the public but now is the chance for everyone to be free from separation from each other to learn from each other in a middle grade status that sets the precedence for true success and not a gained one. Gain is not what has been shown because the word Gain is a sacred name. There is energy behind it and the truth of gain is not from a competitive state of being but a giving state of being. The competitive state says they gain from the products they make but they have run out of material and have squeezed the earth dry.

Imagine an MMA match. You have two opponents and both are going to protect themselves well and strike. The act of using a sacred sound with negative intention is against time itself because it deteriorates time in it’s existence and it causes harm to the universe, bouncing around and hitting what is most magnetic - the earth. Here is where your problems are stemming from, Earthlings. I love all - but please, start loving each other before we lose these few hundred years to attain a post of truth, success and greatness. The lie was told that there isn't enough room for everyone at the top because everyone is trying to create this stupid pyramid that everyone thinks they know what it means and they don’t. It’s no one’s fault because it was an incorrect teaching.  A pyramid with the eye is you. If you use it wrongly (negatively), a tremendous amount of wrong will occur. Your end then will be true about the lie that was told that this time is the end of the world. That end is true for you when you misuse the things of this world.


More and more people are not only caring about science, but they attract the plain for general spiritual certainties. WE, who know both and do both, are more than just your everyday run of the mill metaphysicians like those of the past who thought because of a few connections, they would know the exactaas of the Universe. We are the ones who put our time in for others. I don’t care if you’re a mystic, a nurse, a tarot reader or a leader of any religion, you are all a part of this. You are magnetic and that magnet makes your way every day.

Those who don’t believe in anything at all: When you smile or when you feel love for your people, that is energy and proof of the existence that we all are gods of purposed proportion and need to tread wisely on earth and with all humans or this right of passage shall be made ruin. We are here to prepare and study like the nights in college where you’re head smashes on the keyboard from just a night of straight-up research and not being on any social networks. And you didn’t do it because you feared scoring low but because you cared about yourself and your future. The left teaches do as thou wilt. This is a promise but it is for those who make the earth precious and decorate it with goodness and good vibes.

We can all live together, the left and the right, if we learn to accept each other for the goodness and the prospering factors that would be of favor and this would spread like a crazy disease accept this time around you don’t want to see a physician because you are that physician. That’s the attitude of a new age. This age is for everyone to receive and not to be left without. Our eyes are open. Everything must be open so everyone can walk forward out of the competitive lifestyle that leaves the human race ragged and in dissension with his Fellow Earthlings. Humans learn this and do what they see out of love or fear but not because of an act being labeled as insecure to being in the system of as a schizophrenic patient.  And this is not just in America but in all the world. How would you like to have found out that the sickness you have requires more medicine than all other medicines so your shyt out of luck when you ALL OF A SUDDEN COME TO FIND THAT IT’S A LIE. Now don’t start getting all huffy and puffy. Now is the time to grab hold of your mind and walk through your sickness. I’m not saying don’t take your medication but I’m saying think about why you feel like the way you do and not so much that it’s a sickness but a way to learn about why you have what's inside you without being accused that you should be on a pill.

The act of telling someone that you hear a voice is not something we should be afraid of.  Instead, we should invite this magic into our lives, regardless of all the lies from the past we believed and we have the power to change the perception of it by purely examining it without judgment (fear). We don’t even have to fight for this because the truth about energy is that you have the power to control it. Why ask and pray for something you already have?  Come into your awakening and use your power - OWN your power! Everyone is different and because society has been led to believe the big lie which separates and does not unite in love, the past way of doing things, speaking things and thinking things.  Yes, it starts in your mind. Doctors didn’t know how to diagnose properly but they just didn’t want to lose what they had going on. They couldn’t possibly present to America that they didn’t know so they passed false diagnosis such as phrases called depression and schizophrenia and bi-polar because they didn’t know what the problem was. However, they made billions off of it because they didn’t know how to cure it. Whether they did or didn’t isn’t the point but for us it is a view not to react in error but to open our eyes and begin to repair correctly in a mode of calmness and paying attention to all that we see, say, hear and think.

People started depending on medicine. Medicine is the way to go but as you can see how everything is going in this world with all the past failures, you would want to think about what you’re doing and who you are doing it for.  Are you going along with society because you’re afraid of being homeless? For those that say yes I say congratulations; you are doing the right thing for yourself.

Now, let’s look at where your tax money goes. OH, I see. You don't want to talk about it?  Okay. But that's your personal responsibility to understand all that when you give of yourself and your money. Things that people are guilty for won't fall on your plate.  Give yourself to all people. Give your time, talent and treasure to all the world. Give it all - give the 100% tithe. You can give it to the church or donate to a worthy cause or break it up and put $20 in a few homeless people's can outside your local market.  Just trust your intuition who really needs it. The only way to prosper in this new procession is to love and give. If you went out and got married because you’re afraid to think that this is the end of the world, well good! Glad to hear that the truth would be that because that is what we need in this world. If it scares you into loving and doing good deeds always, then good. I’m glad.

Be who you want to be - everyone out there, just be nice and love and give yourself to the world. If you are doing that already then BLESS THE DARK & THE LIGHT.  It doesn’t matter what religion or even if you are a non-believing person. Science is this of what I speak of, so if you wanna believe in fairies well, I’m glad.  But if it is making you quit school and disrespect your parents or if this makes you put your girl down or tear her spirit apart or you out there who treat your man or woman bad because you have different beliefs or opinions in something like a religion or a group of people who try to control you, then it’s time to shed your skin.


When we all do this then we begin to not be afraid to enter the fearless life, then each one of us who do good deeds and give our time to helping people are actually meant to be so for those who are of the left and are being taught DO AS THOU WILT. This is not truth or true law TO THOSE who misconstrue this to convey their own life but the lapse in time. This DO AS THOU WILT IS THE LAW but it is the end to a completion which this world is not seeing yet because it never worked hard to get to that point. It was imperialism, hate and misogyny that drove the foul leaders of the world to this point where we all could have lived in balance. Perhaps the wealth they hungered and chased after could have been for everyone today but now we must all work to get it to that point without the sect or government of any kind. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE DONE IT ONCE WITHOUT THEM, WHY CAN'T WE DO IT BUT DO IT SO THAT NO ONE LOSES!! =D


There is nothing wrong with magic - it’s how you use it. True law is the wisdom-heart for everyone but yourself because metaphysically, this yields favor in abundance to not just you but everyone around you. It’s Eudaimonia, man. 


Let’s all get happy in this new age. Virgo’s are to teach and help the Aquarius and the Aquarius is to teach and help everyone and  lift everyone up. This is not what you will see in your regular Astrology reports. This is a word of sight from me. Take it or not - whatever... it’s all good. We are still good people because without all this complicated shyt,  you could just be nice to people and give more to those who don’t have and the curve that we are looking at in this present turn of space time event, will be in favor for you and everyone you know because of YOUR awakening.  You have no clue how your higher consciousness affects the entire world in this reality.

SO WAKE UP WORLD INTO LIGHT, AND BE HAPPY. I don’t care if you follow; do as thou wilt, I love you guys, too. The Left has every right to be here on Earth along with the Jesus freaks and Muslims and Jews and Metaphysicians, non-believers and those who are just regular. It don’t matter as long as people let each other live and don’t try to stop someone from succeeding because of  jealousy or being scared that he or she is going to take your position. Stop doing that! The people in the streets: QUIT BANG’N at least for the next 300 years. Don’t worry, you will not be left behind. This is the AGE where NO HUMAN gets LEFT BEHIND.

Awaken into the love reality. I don’t care what you believe in, just be good for the sake of YOU -  the true god. 

Monday, October 8, 2012


Your Majesty, Oh Great and Mighty Light;

 A cry for Mother Earth and those dwelling therein ~ dead or alive at this present time of existence.

Forgive my faithlessness and forgetfulness of who I am and where I come from. Forgive me for responding to my dim view as those who are not intimate with your joy.
Today I am not perfect but I am a human who has seen my own idiosyncrasies and experienced shock! Now the truth of the light is that it shows itself as a child showing its father's attributes and similarities and character traits in sometimes through those who are seen as not so good. These people are the only ones left with light in them which I have to say is no mystery or shock to me because I've watched since a small child with my own eyes the breaking down of humanity in this odd age. Now, the ones you would think to see light in is not light but an imposter light because the greater evil has left the faith completely and claims that they are IT when they are like the worshipers of darkness who came from Rome attempting proclaim the followers of the First Born of the Infinite but are only filled with fear and greed and is the cause of most atrocities on earth today. These people are not true, no, not in the least bit. Knowing this that it is not just a mission but a desired and requested option I probably could have rejected, brings more joy than anything that I could attain. This is the life and function of an enlightened human who's heart has transformed from orphan to a warrior wisdom-heart. 

I ask you to show me your wisdom through this new learning time. Show me how to love like you and take these walls but take me as well. Take me to your place of rest. Refresh me with your assurance. Wipe my head and clean my view. I ask for your mercy this day, for my mind doth push against something and I know that darkness has no power over the light. No work on earth can affect your word! The First Sound is the highest of all Light because it is us, we, the earth is the first sound of existence. Its written and done from the day you created us.

This is why I call you this day to take me in your arms and baptize my heart, mind, hands, feet, eyes and ears in truth with your grace.

I don’t know how to love like you but I know how to explain the feeling I get when I think of what love truly means. Help me to allow myself to become like you and to know my place in this existence. Lead me to my sounds who are your children. Take me to your place and funnel in to earth where I dwell. Make your view in the eyes of those who want to know me. Give the youth your truth about my message and purpose for being your light worker. Open the eyes of their hearts and let them know that I am here for them. I just want to hug and kiss them and tell them I love them; the people who I speak of is not just the youth but the elders the middle aged and all races, religions and creeds. All minds, views, lovers and haters. Everyone is on my heart because they are all my brothers and sisters through this time of journeying through existence.

There are these 7 stars which you gave to this earth as a gift just as you give animals and humans at the joining of themselves by you with others. These stars started the shine of greatness on earth before the sounds changed and humans broke their bond with the light. Even through all the worst of times. They were the sparklers of attribute. I will lift up even names of these stars who are different dwellings where it was known in old true truth as countries because they are us today accept with so much contaminated energy which we so desperately want to end. These people say words that sound like they are confused because so many of us today who are their descendants have fallen for lies which brought them to a place where they not only forgot who they are and where they come from but are now all looking for the daily dose of the fat of the calf. The fail was that they forgot about the uplifting of your name which is light, love, and true truth. I know for sure without a shadow of a doubt you will bring me through just as you did with the children of Israel, Spain, France, Afrikka, Russia, China & India. You gave a wonderful sense of flavor for all aspects of life to Spain, these are the dressers of the earth, the bringer of nourishment and healthy eating and the power of suggestion in the finer things of life to the world. You gave france an amazing sweet spirit, the sugar of all aspects of life, these are those who bring the positive out of the negative and give you gifts to bring happiness in dark times. You gave the spirit bear one of your light energy beings to Mother Russia to protect them and also the rest of the world. You gave wisdom to China the brain of the infinite for the guidance of the world. You gave Afrikka the great and mighty healing power of the smile of love for the world to know that without Love nothing can prosper. India was given the gift of learning so that they could teach the rest of the world the things we need to put our hands to in order for the whole world to survive. Praise the highest host of existence, for you also gave the voice of reason & showmanship to Israel for the release of all negative energies for the weary, being able to redirect the world in putting together all that has been lost with the help of the other stars in unison that together would bring back the truth of all time which was once lost and now is coming up out of the darkness because after all what is hidden in the darkness always is reveled in light. All these attributes were made to prosper the earth as ONE and never to hurt it. The rest of the world are the children of these stars believe it or not.

Oh Great Light. Build your alter immovable over me everywhere on earth and out of the earth.

To those who only want to negatively use my name any self-made claiming to prosper without the light, and any person or groups of people who would only want to stifle my vibe away from the rest of existence; please forgive them and relieve them of that energy.

Where I go, surround me with your song and lift my head above all mine enemies.

Forgive my ill-knowledge notion, forgive my mislead pondering and bring me back to your one vibe so I can be your light worker for all especially to the homeless and hungry.  Allow those who worship themselves out of fear to be free and liberated from the darkness. Let them see my smile and know my heart and allow them to be taken out of anything that would hurt them. Bring them with us to your place. 

Lift up all science people whether technical or not, whether believers of the things of faith or not, whether lost or found. These are those who bring order to the mechanics of all the earth. 

Lift up your laborers, the physical strength of the earth for these are the people who deserve the first fruits of the economical profit no matter what country!

Lift up your Designers and Minstrels (artists & musicians) for these people are the ones to call the light to the earth and are the only ones that can see and hear the darkness before anyone learns to. 

Lift up your Spiritual Leaders, these are the directors of everything on earth, they know best! 

Lift up those who fight for causes and those who have to defend their sexual preference or those who are sanctioned silently because of the color of their skin. These people are the revelers of the absolute truth and most don't even know it yet.

Lift up your Athletes for some will reach full manifestation of avatar and will help put an end to corruption once and for all! 

Lift up the confused, these people range in every category and this road seems as if it has endless borders. Once an individual is enlightened, their life flourishes brighter than ever before and the true purpose is seen for the better well-fare of all humanity and the environment.

Lift up your sick and suffering in the homes, hospitals and the streets! Our voices are sounds that heal when we are concerned with an individual whose name or face comes to our mind, it is our duty to lift them up with sound.

Lift up the Animals & Insects who are sick, suffering and becoming extinct. Without these creatures the world will not make it!

Lift up your silver-haired, how wonderful they are and how beautiful they do your work. They breath in and out your light and give themselves to your purpose just with their hospitality alone. This is the eternal gift of the elder. They should not be all together away from everyone but with everyone so for the favor of those all younger to give extensions of universal education and bring those who grow weary at a refresh state. Keep all of us at a lending of our ears and receive what they say with respect and gladness in appreciation for the Light having sent them for us and still sending the encounter already having been blessed is victorious.

Lift up the youth where they could teach those daily and bring people together in celebration so as to speak your light to those who remain unaware. May all children even of those who walk not after the light, that their view would also be made clear. Give the people of earth that infinite distinguishing energy which will allow for all to see with your perfect and clear view. Don’t allow fear and pondering of the unknown lead them away from your light.
Lift up the right and the left and the left and the right. Teach them to help each other and receive each other in the trust of the light and never again to give way to fear and jealousy.

Help your soldiers and people in authority. Help them to view the people clearly as you do with a desire to teach, guide and protect. Help your officers to spread trust and assistance. Help them to become a network of love and truth through prospering ideals which lead to disease free health: mentally, physically through cosmic intimacy for redirection and not condemnation but most of all protect them dearly.

Help your Office leaders. Help them to not be afraid to say no to the darkness and not be afraid to have loss. Help them to gain the people back with truth.

Everyone now and in the past have expressed their idiosyncrasies and been found entangled in a web they created which gave birth to consequential bickering at each other. No one is innocent here! No, not one soul from the beginning of creation, the fall, the solution, the interference of finite time, and now regardless of struggle with their true energy, all are in the same boat. When one is down, the rest should be care-giving with all manners requested that is in agreement with Love & Truth.

I want to see every person in this world as kin prospering and helping one another. I want to see them smile at each other and lift each other’s names to a citadel of purpose and good standing. Teach all of us the great redirection but this time let them see that if it’s not sweet and soft, then the doors don’t open. All it takes is being polite. Give each of us a true big brother or sister spirit for each other.
Now, as I express my vibe electronically, I release favor and joy globally. Know that The Light always has brought people through any path even if they have to travel through patches of dark energy.

Oh Great Light and Unconditional Love;

Show them the truth about themselves as regular people who don’t need to fill emotional voids but that they already have the power because You gave us your light at all our births. Right now as we speak Love is a perfect current of untouchable joy and sweet multitudes of loving kindness and can save all no matter what.

Thank you for all of this, I am loving it.

In the name of Light, Love & Truth I write,

Your Child

ps can you please tell all the people on earth that I'm cool and its ok to be my friend because all I want to do is love and care for any of them in any way possible, thanx =)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Energy Traffic Jam

First Thing In The Morning:
SMASH, WOOOOOOSH This is the sound that could spark an entire space crisis.

Jenny Kratchka an abused administrator at Hyman & Cove, Mars' largest multi-service Environment Living Space Agency, was just sprayed with water by her broken bathroom faucet, wetting her new dress. Jenny is now on her way to work with every muscle as tense as could be. Her face is all tight accept her outfit. Does she look professional, yes, pretty, sure but the thing here is that Jennifer Kratchka a mousy chick from sector 7 who usually falls under the pushover category because of her respectful ways, she gets a few low cards dealt to her every now and again. And again it was so, Jenny is not looking like she could stand for much more of the malarchy floating in her existing space bubble. Jenny bought a dress back in New York, the last place standing on earth and she figured looking so fresh and so clean on Monday morning would be an open door looking towards more of a horizon and starting a fresh positive path, mentally and physically. Being that she strongly dislikes her boss and would rather not work for Hyman & Cove, at least she would have felt good about looking great. Hey, she's got an apartment that doesn't cost much but the job keeps her living well above average so she doesn't want to mess that up. I mean it's not like she's a trust fund baby or something. Jenny is a go-getter, I must admit. Jenny also knows how to redirect energy properly. The only thing is that this morning wasn't so. She allowed the wrong energy to soak into her, regardless of what was out there. She took this black cloud to work and spread it like a rash throughout all of Mars.

Jenny is pissed walking into work p.o.'d as p.o.'d can be and now she's just going to be a maniacal witch on wheels to everyone everywhere.

"Good Morning Jenny," replies one of the girl customer service reps who has wanted Jenny's job for a long time now.

"Uhhhhh" gasping for air and thinking who this girl was that said good morning took some toll on Jenny. Thinking to herself, Jenny remembers her.

"Oh I remember that crazy girl who started a fight with me because her stupid bf came on to me at the cosmic fare in Sector 3. What a loser! Oh, yeah now my guard is up!"

Jenny's boss Ronald Goldman who was placed specially by Jack Hyman who is one of the partners and share holders of Hyman & Cove txt'd her over the weekend asking her to come early Monday because something special was going to happen. On her way up the elevator Jenny attempts talking herself into believing that the world is her oyster made of a sunshine tropical life and still the gloomish cloud of her flesh doth press against her amazing mind. What is Jenny going to tell her boss Rony.

Currently, Hyman & Cove are being assisted in a deal with Kazika by U.S. Embargo Protection an agency that handles the security for fare business overseas. Kazika is the distributor of all tech products. This age there is nothing that is made that is not technical all the way down to a nano transforming nail. Everything is high tech. So because USEP allegedly suspects the slightest offset of breached security, they're ordered to be there recording every move by every person makes and every word that is said by all who are employed by Hyman & Cove and present on duty any day. Using the highest invisible technology stealth mode is modified on sphere life recorders so that the person that is being recorded doesn't see the sphere floating in front of them. Only bad thing about this technology is that once your identified on a Sphere Life Recorder, you can at any time be visited by USEP for absolutely no reason what so their leaders. You know how USEP rolls. As Jenny walks in to the office and one of  USEP soldiers look at Brian McDowell, Jenny says,
"Excuse me, I just need a file."  So the USEP soldier yells at Jenny in a monstrous voice

"Get the f#@* out here you stupid b*%ch!"

Jenny goes and cries and then finds herself sitting on the floor of a supply closet and when she thinks about it, she starts getting pissed and wanting to end this sick relationship with Hyman & Cove as an admin getting broken everyday. Well, she goes to one of the accountants that have been begging Jenny for a date but Jenny being the "proud of her job - not wanting to get involved" girl that she is asked John Parker to go out with her. Well, with a surprised but happy wide-eyed look, John Parker gladly accepted. So they go out afterwards for a nightcap at John's place. It was getting late and things got a bit steamy. The next morning Jenny told John about Edward Scripeck and Ron Goldman's plans to buy out Kazika.

"They just can't, it's not right. Well, never see animation ever again!" Shouted Jenny.

"Don't Worry," replied John all nonchalant like.

John laughed and told Jenny how Edward's Scripeck's dad was this rich republican from the Midwest. She complained that she was just tired of Ron's abusive ways towards her. John thought it right as "the hero" to win Jenny's heart by taking out Ron Goldman & Edward Scripeck. John began to tell a buddy of his. This buddy was a friend on Spacebook social network. The thing that John Parker didn't realize was that this online friend of his was a hacker who was rejected by Kazika and was soon to discover through electronic snooping that  his new Spacebook friend is the angry rejected killer competition. Jenny gets a phone call from Brian McDowell, surprisingly, Mr. McDowell was nice.  Jenny could not believe that a USEP agent had called a common admin from the big city.  Jenny began to feel a little relieved and said,

"Hello, is this Jennifer Kratchka?"

"Yeah, waddaya want?"

"Its me Brian, the USEP agent from your job."

"Whaaaat?!?  Look, I'm not committing any crimes so I don't know why the f$#@ you are calling me."

"No please wait, I just wanted to say that I was a total ass and I know that you don't know why we are there. I'm sure the company in itself is questioning everything and everyone seems to be really uncomfortable but I wanted to tell you something that was on my mind. First, I can't tell you why we are there but I will tell you that its detrimental and it is involving the whole company and Kazika Mars' only distributor. When I was growing up my mom used to tell me about stories that her great grandfather told her about hundreds of years ago when that America still existed. Yeah well, the old protection was called DHP, Department of Home Protection Force or something like that. Anyway, well I don't want to be like those agents who followed an odd code that lead them down a lonely road of having to hear I told you so and on top of the their world coming to an end. It was the fault of everyone though not just the leaders, but the citizens. Since the wars and the floods most of the people that were on earth died and Metrox and Warcon were created by the last people on earth at that time. So Metrox and Warcon became the only source of living for who ever and what ever still existed. I call it Thing 1 & Thing 2.  After all, they created a living place for the filthy rich, technical scientists and Athletes for purpose of recruiting for officer placement. Anyway, I reacted the way I did because I believed my life was in danger due to certain information ascertained this morning in your meeting room but my mom raised me to believe in the light and not to react but be still and think positive. I can tell when someone is really good. I actually didn't want to sound weird saying that you reminded me of my mom because she was head of the administration here at Hyman & Cove about 30 years ago but she quit when I was five because the new leaders thought that her beliefs got in the way of her decision making but it was because she constantly asked to be let go at the end of the day to take care of me. The corporation didn't like that so much. So this is kinda personal for me... but please don't tell anyone."

"Oh, hi...I'm sorry I just assumed chivalry was dead long ago being that we live in an age where your work place is the enemy, no offense. Guess it was the fact that you almost killed me as I was late on a beautiful Monday morning here on Mars."

"Uhhh, yeah well, I'm sorry, I guess I'm young and I need to learn. I just wanted to make sure since we are going to be working together for the next eight or nine months, that you can relax. I'm not your average USEP agent.

"Okay, well then maybe I should tell you something that happened but you have to meet me at Luck's dinner in Sector 4."

"Um, ok give me an hour."

"Fine, meet me there."

It's funny how energy works for favor or as a build up of just non-sunniness on the things a person might put their hands to. Some people either forget, don't care or the factor on the other end doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to all this energy which can all be used for good and create a more healthy environment mentally, spiritually and physically. As for Hyman & Cove, they are about to see the complete opposite of anything sunny.

Jenny and John Parker are in the lunch room, they just finished their lunch and are just shootin the breeze. 

"OMG, I can't believe that I told that USEP agent my feelings about just wanting revenge on Ronald Goldman last night. Yeah and I didn't even leave out Scripeck the dark souled fellow that pays us at the end of the week."

"WHAT, your kidding right? Why, just cause the big wigs lean on you? You gotta be strong Jenny, Oh and what am I - chopped liver? You couldn't pick up the phone and call me, eh?"

Jenny giggles, "Look, calm down. I called you but you were sleeping, assuming you didn't answer. So please don't start with that crap. Besides he called me to apologize."

"No way!"

"Yeah way, well, let's hope this guy is the real deal, I'm feeling something really good for the good people here coming on."

"So anyway, this guy's Spacebook account is in my friends area and I just....."

"Your kidding right?....John, are you a total lunatic, your going to blow everything!"

"He won't find out, about the company, I swear it!"

"Johnny No-Brains, your social online buddy is a super hacker from Germany - what were you thinking to even like any of his posts, never mind adding him to your friends area? This guy is the great great great great great great great grandson of the guy who hacked and destroyed all of earth's electricity, why do you think that Hyman & Cove want nothing to do with him? ARRRRG!"

"Listen, I know what I'm doing, don't worry. I got this!"

"Yeah you better have this and have the best mind at this!"

To make a super long story short, Jennifer's vengeance lead her to snooping around Hanz Schvartzinsky's scene. Getting to know Hanz on the DL might lead her to hold it over Hyman & Cove's head and her plan was gold until John Parker got greedy and allowed the bad apple of the bunch into their network while the head of Hyman & Cove smiled thinking their holding were about mass productivity's shine beyond any money marketing era has reached. This would have been a plateau that was tried by the former world.  THE blackest corruption, except this time it's all about the poor treatment of certain workers on Hyman & Cove's payroll. Well, Hanz hacked the whole company and put all the leaders and workers in jail accept for Jenny Kratchka and John Parker, who were both surprised.  But even more of a surprise came when they were forced to kill people who tried to raise any science work or any kind of business in space. And why? Because Jennifer Kratchka knew well how to redirect both light and dark energy but she took it upon herself in a selfish state of mind and acted upon her thoughts and destroyed the lives of the people at Hyman & Cove and Kazika and all of Mars.

The Cure:
Every day is a wonderful thing in itself even if a whole bunch of bad things happen to one person. Life! It's wonderful and only the foolish disagree. So many people say "Oh, what a day I'm having" or "Calgon, take me away." I think that its a funny thing but its not so funny when too many people are filling the atmosphere with confusion and fear. Now you might say to yourself "this can't possibly be true, one person's thoughts, words and actions can't possibly affect my life but if there are many people all over the world being negative and fearing and being jealous, well we all feel the residue of that dark energy. We all are victim to the misuse or mishandled energy. There are even those who try to become intimate with dark energy, assuming that one day that individual will have the world in the palm of their hand and how deceived those people are when they realized how right the light workers in the past were about morals and how it scientifically effects not only our path in life and how things turn out in favor or turn dark karmically. Many people will have more of all of the things that life has to offer how ever attained but not many entreat their lives with the properly receiving of those things. Some show off with their things because of their vibe alone, it's not bad to have nice things. Others have things and hate it and hate themselves and everything around them. And a certain percentage have it all and can't be satisfied until there is nothing to have and nowhere to see. Many of these people don't say sorry or thank you. Believe it or not, that is the real simple way of distributing energy. You can't wake up in the morning and not say good morning to people in the street or at a store or what have you and and expect to have a great wonderful days. This is not only our home but so many people live on this wonderful mud ball as well and we cannot afford any more of the wrong energy, such as dark energy.

Dark energy, whether people want to believe it or not, is the reason why any one person would have a selfish or fearful or hating thought in their body. Dark energy does not perform the act itself but promotes that vibe to humans and waits for the human to make a decision. Dark energy attacks your mind with the softest of thoughts in configuring that it's not wrong to do such things as be selfish, to be afraid or to hate. These thoughts are commonly shot at humans that are successful because despite popular belief in the spiritual world money IS important to dark energy as well as light energy, allowing workers of the light to use money for the benefiting of the poor and homeless on earth. As for our receiving of things, giving back when someone gives you something is not being fake or having vanity. However, anyone can redirect energy in many different ways that do not benefit at all other than feeling good.

The receiving of anything from the giving of time personally from people, from words of advice, gifts, money, large gifts like houses and cars, to  you name it, are all gifts from The Light channeled or funneled by people even if that person claims not to believe like this. The creator of everything will use those who even have light but don't know that it's the Creator and  think that it's themselves. Some call themselves athiests or agnostic or just whatever anyone calls themselves or not calls themselves - doesn't even matter.

The Creator of everything is not some G0d who will only use or punish you, but a person who is personably bringing you to a state of eye opening experiences if you just learn to sense that its happening. The eyes of your heart is to be set on others and never yourself. Reacting incorrectly like revenge has its repercussions, astronomically actually, which you read in the short fictional tale above. As you already know that it was written for you and your well being hoping to persuade you in a dance with the cleansing of the soul. You are a spiritual vessel even if your not so spiritual or don't want to acknowledge the existence of a creator. All gifts of energy whether a greeting, a physical gift of solid matter or vibes of healthy or unhealthy energy is to be redistributed without loss. The dark to be taught as an enemy but we use them as leverage and the light we love and hold dear and uphold and trust and shout and manifest to all people of every race color and creed. There is not one person in the past present and yes, the future that has been given free will, albeit, sometimes our choices are not in our best interest, so it is the responsibility of the human to create a continuum of redistributing all energies behind all gifts whether good or bad, dark or light.

Love & Light to all my cool, loving and positive people grinding the World Wide Web.

Written By: Cris Blakk

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear America 2012

Dear America,
Hey what’s up sister!?! Haven't seen ya in a long time, really. I miss all the good times we used to have when I was a little kid. Things have changed. I should say it more like this: Boy, have YOU changed! I remember when you were so generous with work and if you worked hard, then guess what, Jack - you’re getting a paycheck! You’re not like that anymore because your friends and cousins had to get the job that they couldn't perform instead of those who could like people that are certified.  You thought if you had a comfortable environment, America, Miss America, with people that you thought you could trust, that you would blossom further and further and get richer and richer.  It's almost like the first time Apple fell. The first time Apple fell, the truth behind that held on preference instead of what was good for Apple but they became bigheaded and well you know how the story goes. Many people lost house and car and wife and kids leaving behind families that could have succeeded but instead, you sold them all through your craft. It was like a strange Twilight Zone episode, except it was real and the ugliness hit 2008. Back when investors began to hold ALL MONIES back in 96' and the slow stabbing westward bounced back so wretchedly, that you would not believe how many cases were so the same. There were almost 18 class of people and endless amounts of people in each class who had lost their jobs in 2008 alone. Have you all wondered why well-known companies would hire just anyone and not a proper factor who has not only the right credentials but show one to be upright in one's attitude toward their position currently held? But noooo, you pick the person that probably either looks like you or only agrees with you on most things that have nothing to do with your work integrity. Losing jobs in America used to be about a person not having integrity.  Like hello, when a person would get fired for not being on time, calling out or not showing up, just being lazy or if the worst being starting a fight and the least not being quick enough, that's what you could be fired on a job for back in the day. Now you get fired if you look and smile and say hello to an other individual, WTFudge, I mean isn't that what America stood for? A cool and honest pride was the tone that was set back in the late 1700's. A time where if you had a job not only did you hold on to it but you busted your ass to keep it! Now let's not forget, the certain class, and I don't care if anyone gets mad at me, don't cry. No babies.  Just read. Well, there are certain kinds of workers who did all the same things that everyone else did back in the day and I don't have to even go back all the way to the late 1700's, but lets just take a peek at the mid 80's and I don't mean to be a prick about but the middle class in the mid 80's cuz they were more honest then. A
n American man came home from a hard day's work and was happy to be with his family.  Now the truths are being told but regardless some hold on to fears like security blankets. Some Americans are still holding on to the hate and fear and take sides with the rich and ride that Republican elephant when they have no right to. I don't oppose any party unless it causes problems in our country. Oh wait, that's all parties lol. Family is the most important thing in a country. Families who are together and happy and appreciative and work together stay and grow together and residualize asset for their own personal life, community and country in three ways: One's money, time and talent. These are the people who are hurting in the process, just regular good old American families. Today, there are no families because there is so much divorce from good men losing their jobs! I wanna ask if we can look past secret societies for a moment and support the idea of wellness in a nation, I dunno but you guys gotta hear me. I'm talkin about just being good for cryin' out loud! Remember that, anyone? I remember when men were good for just the sake of being good and made right choices for himself and his family. Now everyone is putting their private lives on the internet because they are lonely and board. People are not really bored but their spirits are bored. So, the individual feels bored with life. IF the individual being him or her, HE OR SHE, doing the right thing and making the right choice morally and ethically, then the outcome, regardless of knowledge, physical strength or idiosyncrasy at that moment, the person's outcome will ALWAYS be victorious in favor of that individual because he or she made the right choice. NOT THE WAY CORPORATIONS DO TODAY!

So, America, we agree that the job thing is a ball in your court right,.....I mean I'll drop it for now but I just wana make sure we're clear on that. 

Ok, now, I just wanna go over some other things - like I remember when it was cool to go online. Now you have to be careful of jerks who like to hack you and make it seem as though you have done something. I don't know folks, like the show Burn Notice. Now if you ain’t no super genius at computers, then be very careful and don't click on anything and only talk to people you know, and don't say what you mean. LOL. America, I remember when things weren't so fast like they are now with the ipads and ipods, iphones and I mod, Me time, no hugs and stupid medications and bad habits that have cause a wide-spread epidemic among good people today. America, it seems we have some making up to do but first I just want to remind you of why you’re so awesome to me and what I love about you. Ok, here it goes.

I do love you America because you brought me The Doors, Weeble Wobbles, Pizza, Skateboarding, Karate Tournaments, Little League, AT&T so I was able to talk to my friends and girlfriends growing up; Twizzlers, LIFE cereal, going to the park, driving to school, The Tonight Show, Howard Stern, The Blue Note Jazz Club, the movie It's A Wonderful Life and Four Rooms, renting VHS movies and watching on Friday night with cousins and friends while eating McDonald’s burgers and fries. Ice Skating in NYC, Miami beaches, BLING, Beer Pong, PANTERA, E-TOWN CONCRETE, Rage Against The Machine, Karaoke, Great Adventure-Six Flags, Haunted Mansions, Rap music, Open Mic nights, Fake Wrestling formerly known as WWF, Polaroids, Swatch, IHOP, Break Dancing, Walkmans, Movie Stars in office, Time Magazine, NBC, Billy Graham, Tab soda, Hot Cheese Popcorn, 2 cent and 5 cent candy in the 80's, the Best Horror Films ever, CHEECH & CHONG, V-8, Kid’s Meals, This is Your Life, Ed Sullivan, Aretha Franklin's "Respect," Elvira, ALL IN THE FAMILY, SANFORD AND SON, WALL STREET, BILL CLINTON, ANDY WARHOL, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, FORD, LINCOLN, CADILLAC, CHEVY, BUDWEISER (not really), MARLBORO (sorry I know that’s all bad stuff), ALL THE EXPERIENCE WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND SCHOOL AND WORK, waking up to Saturday morning cartoons, especially School House Rock! America, I love you for now and yesteryear and everything in between. And the real part of it, the wonderous, loving-kind and amazing part is that I didn't care for any of those things but that it felt so good to experience human life and now I can tell all the world about and its all because of you, America. I am certainly not perfect because of all my failures but the Great Love always takes care of my needs.  All I can say is, Oh well, that's life. Que Sera, Sera! Hell, I'll even take the bad with the good but can't we just make up and go back to the way things used to be?  Please...I love you - don't you still love me, America?

I just would like to take my hat off to all the Afrikkans, Hebrews and all the rest of the world but would like to specifically thank all my black people (my brothers & sisters) in America for making us the sassiest country in the entire world. I want to start naming so many great people like George Washington Carver and Martin Luther King Jr, or people like Kamu Bell who hosts Totally Biased or the lead singer of American Death Metal band OCEANO Adam Warren, who are not only products of their environment but have pressed against the machine and fought back and stood and prevailed against an undying Beast, THE SYSTEM! 
There were conservative-republican Jews in the 60's who not only were not racist but considered Afrikka KIN! I don't know but many from NY to Cali, north,  south, east and west there were so many people back then who remain as an icon of love and peace in all eyes of those who walk after light in so many black communities in America. Back then, we could not do this.  We couldn't walk past the barriers that were made impossible to break unless we broke ourselves such as those who are under-credited for this future we have today. More naming names is not necessary but all power and favor to every single black person on this earth regardless of whether that one black human deserves it or not!, you can't even deny that Mexicans built this country in hospitality and heck, just about every trade. I don't even care what statistics say because I saw it with my own eyes; Mexicans are a factor whose credit is overdue and that's all I will say about Mexicans. Don't worry lol, I won't touch immigration.  That subject is only for windbaggers. Lol.  You know we have a black president, the best musicians, best athletes, and so much more that has brought a new fabric, untearable to this now spaghetti of a mess nation. Still, even if this country has a big mess to clean up, I'm so proud to be here now. I'm proud to have been born here and not in Afrikka, Israel or Mexico. I don't know - it would be nice to be there in those places mentioned and learn more of cultural aspects of life, but as far as America, I love it. I don't like all the bad stuff that goes on in this country and I'm not just talking about crime on the street but in the office as well.

 I know and believe that there is corruption in all lands and there is so much that we can do about it. Posting hate ads about corruption, doesn't help fight against corruption. Being together and starting from the bottom up and fixing the little things that most of the budget turns to deficit due to a spiritual return. Money - is it the way everything is supposed to be? I know you’re probably thinking, oh great, just another dreamer, dreamin' away the days, tryin' to make everyone see with eyes of lollipop/rainbow ignorance…but I'm not. I'm one who searches for truth and one with experience and standing intimacy with truth. Let’s talk truth here. You know what’s wrong and right, you know black and white and grey because we are all guilty of it AND not only guilty of it but guilty of condoning it, allowing it, following it, mimicking it, devouring it, being it and faking it! Knock it off people, let’s get real! You can complain about this country or any governing sect on this earth but if we just stand back and not only allow all the chaos right outside our front door as Americans, but also become that which we despise. If we, America, follows darkness and does what it does and say what it says to say and if it says jump we say "How High", then we have nothing to complain about. Whether or not you want to believe this, spirituality and karmically, the laws of the Universe are surely real.  So if this is true, why are people not seeing with open eyes? I will tell you why.  Because everyone is so busy with me, myself and I. Me and I, me and I and I always follows me. Even people who try to fight against the slivering and disintegrating of our economy and using it against us to rob us of our freedom has become a perverted thing. Most people today are fighting so hard at their jobs just to barely make it. Young people out there turning to what ever the heck brings in the dough. Single moms, people with no Social Security, single dads, accident cases trying to get back in the working world - it's all just a mess. So what do we do? We start from the bottom and re-learn love. We re-learn manners, prudence and stewardship. We act in only the best interest of our neighbor and community. We go back to the old-fashioned sense which was the only sense back then - but this time we do it right.

Karma, goodness, G-d, whoever, what ever you think it is, ladies and gentlemen; it’s all about goodness and love and kindness and gentleness and patience and fore-bearing one another, regardless of race, creed, color, financial status, physical appearance, or what the heck ever. It's so simple to look with the eyes of your heart America and stop all the stuff that you cause hurt to you. No more fighting, no more jealousy, envy - it causes strife. No more fighting for the top position - let him or her have it. You'll get what you deserve if you do the right thing. No more stealing and cheating. Don't worry; this Universe loves and cares for you and has already given you the right to call things to your well-being and have it work towards the prospering of every aspect in your life. Can we go back to being the best country ever? Can we instead of giving money away, get dirty ourselves and do the work? THERE'S SO MUCH FRIGGIN’ WORK OUT THERE! Where the heck are the brains of the heads of these companies these days and the people they hire? You can't get good help these days is not the truth. They can, they just rather have someone else look for them and put a person through the ringer.

So many people who are doing well credit-wise in the tri-state area face a harder time finding work. And all for what, so some people who hide can be ultimately rich/ Dang man, who doesn't want to be super filthy rich these days?  But it's what our minds and mouths say in which it is given. Our actions not only speak louder than words but are connected to the super power of all existence and it works what ever way you work it.

I totally believe in karma because if you look at space and all that is currently occurring, you will most certainly find that everything and a human does on earth from thinking to speaking and doing acts of anything affect the universe.  There are so many different ideas about karma just look at the proof.  I mean I'm not trying to paint a negative picture here. I can tell you all kinds of grime I grew up with on the east coast but who the heck cares about that crap. It's not knowing the truth about something but knowing what to do after you received truth is what the key to solving problems. Also, this whole thing with not having patience or the brutality in teaching and up-bringing is not cool. Its so nice to just smile and say, "It’s ok, you'll get it. Don't worry - just focus. I'm here for you and I have your back!"  Instead, for years we have been creating the residue of what you see today. Rush, rush, rush and be elite! What a crock of retarded poop!

I remember Thomas Paine's book Rights of a Man/Common Sense he spoke about running from the English and coming here because they were doing the same damned thing. Control fixation all the way home! What the heck is all the fear about!? Have we completely lost contact with true essence, or did we simply just didn't want to see the emptiness of a cold-hearted society not only being taken over by mind controlling crap, but the reason why we are so easy enslaved these days is because the home is not what it could be.

Moms, dads - what’s going on? Afraid you’re going to lose something because you don't want to show them what’s better? Just sitting down and watching what they want to watch is enough to give them the comfort they need to attain a healthy social status but you see what we have here in this age is a bunch of ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude, hailing all the way from janitors to corporate conglomerates. Kids, too - being as mean as mean can get and doing what they have to do to survive the life.

SOMEBODY SCREAM! I hear ya, Occupying factors out there in Watch Land. I know y’all truly care and are doing everything in your power to digitally publish information that is worth having and useful to the not only American but any person on earth willing to do the right thing in life.  Period!

Life the way it was back then, may have not had its conveniences but it had moxy! Life back in the day had balls. Yeah man, I said it! Back in the day, you didn't have a computer but you knew where to meet on a Friday night. Back then you didn't have a cell phone but made sure you wrote a note to your friend day before. Today everyone is so cold and people are only after one thing, and that is to be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of goodness and right standing. Hell, I'm not talking about people's personal lives because no one can do anything about anyone but themselves.  I'm talking about how we live with each other on earth. How we work together and share everything. What is our goal in life? Is it the pride of life and is it on some sick psycho carrousel that doesn't stop unless you turn the other way and walk and never go down that road again!?!

You ever wonder why certain people on this earth lived greatly?  Because they were great? I'm not talking about ability because Moses was definitely a “not so bright” character who totally changed the future of Israel. So this great light of love existing and manifesting through the universe to us and out to everyone else is awaiting our awakening. We can say what ever we like but the proof is in the pudding. I have to say America, for being a truly blessed country with much abundance, time and treasure and talent on our turf, you cannot only save yourself, but you can save the world.  I ain’t talking about souls, but the environment because once we have a straight enough head to see the Light and do its work, we can work together even if we don't agree with the details of our own existentialism and push forward to a better future for our children's children and the purpose in which all nations truly stand for. Its not hard, its called being good. For once in your life America, be good and good will come.

I love you.

Criss Blakk

P.S.  If we follow our true self, it will only lead to good things.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty For Miles

Beauty is you. You are the most beautiful thing in this world. Is this statement not a true statement and is it not what parents say to all their children or at least they hope that to be true? There are a lot of factual variables on beauty from a scientific standpoint and we will get to that but here is my take on beauty:
I have met some interesting people in my life who are not on the cover of some magazine that is selling something. There are some who when meeting each other and attaining a connection sometimes take advantage and only want each other for their beauty. Hell, I know I’ve been guilty of it in my youth but the truth is that beauty doesn’t even belong to humans. Some of these humans have the audacity to create a lot of discrepancies on one’s outward appearance and not accept people for their soul…even just walking past someone while shopping at a store.  “That one is too fat or she is too tall or he is too dark skinned." Believe-you-me, this is not a search for beauty but a misconceived notion which ends in the inviting of a controlling spirit upon any relationship. This behavior is not only unhealthy but it stirs confusion among younger people, allowing them to walk right into a spiritual spaghetti mess.

Beauty brings people together. Beauty was never meant for humans to classify or judge and separate, especially if there are some making money off of it. That's abuse of a gift. When one comes in contact with another, one of two things can happen:  chemistry or no chemistry; and don’t think it’s only for romantic relationships.  It’s for EVERY relationship. It’s an ‘Only Way’ thing but if you use it correctly then it will work for you.

Your soul is your home and combined with your power of intention, it’s enough to start an open Light path from the Universe to the Earth. A person who creates light paths as opposed to those who create dark paths are found to experience a richer life as his light path is created by the universe through a right or good action has taken place.  It is the much spoken about subject of The Law of Attraction.

When two people truly love each other for the pure sake of lifting into higher consciousness (and a higher connection to the Divine) and not just for physical or temporary pleasure, a Light path is created surrounding them. Science has proven and shown the effects of both positive and negative reactions that the human body spiritually, physically and emotionally experiences. In a group study scientists asked what the general public would deem attractive people and unattractive people. One scenario stuck out immensely. They asked an unattractive person to decide to be happy and smile no matter what was said in a room with a group of both attractive and not so attractive people for one hour. The happy person began to get all the attention and at the end of the hour all the attractive people gave their personal information to the happy but not so attractive person.  In other words, the soul and personality can shine through so brightly that you no longer see the person with your eyes but with your heart.  Then it becomes mind to mind and creativity can spurt forth with a grand flood of growth…and it all comes from a happy soul not necessarily a beautiful physicality.

Beauty does not come in a wrapped package or a thing that can be mass produced. Beauty is not to try on a tight dress to get attention neither is beauty a man's muscular frame baptized in baby oil to win the prize. Beauty is how you smile, when you smile and for what reason. Beauty is to draw those who need healing and a change of heart so that Spirit can be sensed. Anyone with an ounce of Light is intimate with this idea. Beauty attracts beauty and it will for as long as you respect it in your life.

After the testing was completed, all the people who volunteered were paid and the unattractive happy person invited all the people to her house afterwards for dinner and socializing. That night, as it so happens, all the people in attendance were unemployed. Each one of them had over 4 years of experience in the exact position that was needed to complete this project that the unattractive happy person was working on only for a few months. The company became super rich and moved to Canada. Good and right choices can spiritually lock prosperity for your future!

Spiritual attractiveness is that special Light that brings people to your life to lift each other up. This is the only true beauty. Only loving actions and thoughts can help build Light paths. When humans build Light paths, the Universe not only opens favor to us but if, we who live this way, increase in number and continue in this labor of love, can attain Utopia….a place for all those who serve the wondrous love that is the Maker of everything. Utopia is when cleansing, joy, prosperity, abundance and utmost health (which is true wealth) makes its own path in the continuum through one who has past enlightenment. This continuum brings infinity to your life. Everything is connected and everything vibrates together in Celestial Harmony. Only humans separate and add useless uncertainties which hold no bearing on anyone’s path in life.

Your beauty is for the rest of us to enjoy and thrive from – to share and be inspired and moved by. Beauty is for the world and never to be held hidden to one’s personal desires. No one is NOT beautiful!

                                                                                                                                Written By: Cris Blakk
                                                                                                                                 Edited By: Gail Chasin