Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty For Miles

Beauty is you. You are the most beautiful thing in this world. Is this statement not a true statement and is it not what parents say to all their children or at least they hope that to be true? There are a lot of factual variables on beauty from a scientific standpoint and we will get to that but here is my take on beauty:
I have met some interesting people in my life who are not on the cover of some magazine that is selling something. There are some who when meeting each other and attaining a connection sometimes take advantage and only want each other for their beauty. Hell, I know I’ve been guilty of it in my youth but the truth is that beauty doesn’t even belong to humans. Some of these humans have the audacity to create a lot of discrepancies on one’s outward appearance and not accept people for their soul…even just walking past someone while shopping at a store.  “That one is too fat or she is too tall or he is too dark skinned." Believe-you-me, this is not a search for beauty but a misconceived notion which ends in the inviting of a controlling spirit upon any relationship. This behavior is not only unhealthy but it stirs confusion among younger people, allowing them to walk right into a spiritual spaghetti mess.

Beauty brings people together. Beauty was never meant for humans to classify or judge and separate, especially if there are some making money off of it. That's abuse of a gift. When one comes in contact with another, one of two things can happen:  chemistry or no chemistry; and don’t think it’s only for romantic relationships.  It’s for EVERY relationship. It’s an ‘Only Way’ thing but if you use it correctly then it will work for you.

Your soul is your home and combined with your power of intention, it’s enough to start an open Light path from the Universe to the Earth. A person who creates light paths as opposed to those who create dark paths are found to experience a richer life as his light path is created by the universe through a right or good action has taken place.  It is the much spoken about subject of The Law of Attraction.

When two people truly love each other for the pure sake of lifting into higher consciousness (and a higher connection to the Divine) and not just for physical or temporary pleasure, a Light path is created surrounding them. Science has proven and shown the effects of both positive and negative reactions that the human body spiritually, physically and emotionally experiences. In a group study scientists asked what the general public would deem attractive people and unattractive people. One scenario stuck out immensely. They asked an unattractive person to decide to be happy and smile no matter what was said in a room with a group of both attractive and not so attractive people for one hour. The happy person began to get all the attention and at the end of the hour all the attractive people gave their personal information to the happy but not so attractive person.  In other words, the soul and personality can shine through so brightly that you no longer see the person with your eyes but with your heart.  Then it becomes mind to mind and creativity can spurt forth with a grand flood of growth…and it all comes from a happy soul not necessarily a beautiful physicality.

Beauty does not come in a wrapped package or a thing that can be mass produced. Beauty is not to try on a tight dress to get attention neither is beauty a man's muscular frame baptized in baby oil to win the prize. Beauty is how you smile, when you smile and for what reason. Beauty is to draw those who need healing and a change of heart so that Spirit can be sensed. Anyone with an ounce of Light is intimate with this idea. Beauty attracts beauty and it will for as long as you respect it in your life.

After the testing was completed, all the people who volunteered were paid and the unattractive happy person invited all the people to her house afterwards for dinner and socializing. That night, as it so happens, all the people in attendance were unemployed. Each one of them had over 4 years of experience in the exact position that was needed to complete this project that the unattractive happy person was working on only for a few months. The company became super rich and moved to Canada. Good and right choices can spiritually lock prosperity for your future!

Spiritual attractiveness is that special Light that brings people to your life to lift each other up. This is the only true beauty. Only loving actions and thoughts can help build Light paths. When humans build Light paths, the Universe not only opens favor to us but if, we who live this way, increase in number and continue in this labor of love, can attain Utopia….a place for all those who serve the wondrous love that is the Maker of everything. Utopia is when cleansing, joy, prosperity, abundance and utmost health (which is true wealth) makes its own path in the continuum through one who has past enlightenment. This continuum brings infinity to your life. Everything is connected and everything vibrates together in Celestial Harmony. Only humans separate and add useless uncertainties which hold no bearing on anyone’s path in life.

Your beauty is for the rest of us to enjoy and thrive from – to share and be inspired and moved by. Beauty is for the world and never to be held hidden to one’s personal desires. No one is NOT beautiful!

                                                                                                                                Written By: Cris Blakk
                                                                                                                                 Edited By: Gail Chasin

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