Thursday, September 27, 2012

Energy Traffic Jam

First Thing In The Morning:
SMASH, WOOOOOOSH This is the sound that could spark an entire space crisis.

Jenny Kratchka an abused administrator at Hyman & Cove, Mars' largest multi-service Environment Living Space Agency, was just sprayed with water by her broken bathroom faucet, wetting her new dress. Jenny is now on her way to work with every muscle as tense as could be. Her face is all tight accept her outfit. Does she look professional, yes, pretty, sure but the thing here is that Jennifer Kratchka a mousy chick from sector 7 who usually falls under the pushover category because of her respectful ways, she gets a few low cards dealt to her every now and again. And again it was so, Jenny is not looking like she could stand for much more of the malarchy floating in her existing space bubble. Jenny bought a dress back in New York, the last place standing on earth and she figured looking so fresh and so clean on Monday morning would be an open door looking towards more of a horizon and starting a fresh positive path, mentally and physically. Being that she strongly dislikes her boss and would rather not work for Hyman & Cove, at least she would have felt good about looking great. Hey, she's got an apartment that doesn't cost much but the job keeps her living well above average so she doesn't want to mess that up. I mean it's not like she's a trust fund baby or something. Jenny is a go-getter, I must admit. Jenny also knows how to redirect energy properly. The only thing is that this morning wasn't so. She allowed the wrong energy to soak into her, regardless of what was out there. She took this black cloud to work and spread it like a rash throughout all of Mars.

Jenny is pissed walking into work p.o.'d as p.o.'d can be and now she's just going to be a maniacal witch on wheels to everyone everywhere.

"Good Morning Jenny," replies one of the girl customer service reps who has wanted Jenny's job for a long time now.

"Uhhhhh" gasping for air and thinking who this girl was that said good morning took some toll on Jenny. Thinking to herself, Jenny remembers her.

"Oh I remember that crazy girl who started a fight with me because her stupid bf came on to me at the cosmic fare in Sector 3. What a loser! Oh, yeah now my guard is up!"

Jenny's boss Ronald Goldman who was placed specially by Jack Hyman who is one of the partners and share holders of Hyman & Cove txt'd her over the weekend asking her to come early Monday because something special was going to happen. On her way up the elevator Jenny attempts talking herself into believing that the world is her oyster made of a sunshine tropical life and still the gloomish cloud of her flesh doth press against her amazing mind. What is Jenny going to tell her boss Rony.

Currently, Hyman & Cove are being assisted in a deal with Kazika by U.S. Embargo Protection an agency that handles the security for fare business overseas. Kazika is the distributor of all tech products. This age there is nothing that is made that is not technical all the way down to a nano transforming nail. Everything is high tech. So because USEP allegedly suspects the slightest offset of breached security, they're ordered to be there recording every move by every person makes and every word that is said by all who are employed by Hyman & Cove and present on duty any day. Using the highest invisible technology stealth mode is modified on sphere life recorders so that the person that is being recorded doesn't see the sphere floating in front of them. Only bad thing about this technology is that once your identified on a Sphere Life Recorder, you can at any time be visited by USEP for absolutely no reason what so their leaders. You know how USEP rolls. As Jenny walks in to the office and one of  USEP soldiers look at Brian McDowell, Jenny says,
"Excuse me, I just need a file."  So the USEP soldier yells at Jenny in a monstrous voice

"Get the f#@* out here you stupid b*%ch!"

Jenny goes and cries and then finds herself sitting on the floor of a supply closet and when she thinks about it, she starts getting pissed and wanting to end this sick relationship with Hyman & Cove as an admin getting broken everyday. Well, she goes to one of the accountants that have been begging Jenny for a date but Jenny being the "proud of her job - not wanting to get involved" girl that she is asked John Parker to go out with her. Well, with a surprised but happy wide-eyed look, John Parker gladly accepted. So they go out afterwards for a nightcap at John's place. It was getting late and things got a bit steamy. The next morning Jenny told John about Edward Scripeck and Ron Goldman's plans to buy out Kazika.

"They just can't, it's not right. Well, never see animation ever again!" Shouted Jenny.

"Don't Worry," replied John all nonchalant like.

John laughed and told Jenny how Edward's Scripeck's dad was this rich republican from the Midwest. She complained that she was just tired of Ron's abusive ways towards her. John thought it right as "the hero" to win Jenny's heart by taking out Ron Goldman & Edward Scripeck. John began to tell a buddy of his. This buddy was a friend on Spacebook social network. The thing that John Parker didn't realize was that this online friend of his was a hacker who was rejected by Kazika and was soon to discover through electronic snooping that  his new Spacebook friend is the angry rejected killer competition. Jenny gets a phone call from Brian McDowell, surprisingly, Mr. McDowell was nice.  Jenny could not believe that a USEP agent had called a common admin from the big city.  Jenny began to feel a little relieved and said,

"Hello, is this Jennifer Kratchka?"

"Yeah, waddaya want?"

"Its me Brian, the USEP agent from your job."

"Whaaaat?!?  Look, I'm not committing any crimes so I don't know why the f$#@ you are calling me."

"No please wait, I just wanted to say that I was a total ass and I know that you don't know why we are there. I'm sure the company in itself is questioning everything and everyone seems to be really uncomfortable but I wanted to tell you something that was on my mind. First, I can't tell you why we are there but I will tell you that its detrimental and it is involving the whole company and Kazika Mars' only distributor. When I was growing up my mom used to tell me about stories that her great grandfather told her about hundreds of years ago when that America still existed. Yeah well, the old protection was called DHP, Department of Home Protection Force or something like that. Anyway, well I don't want to be like those agents who followed an odd code that lead them down a lonely road of having to hear I told you so and on top of the their world coming to an end. It was the fault of everyone though not just the leaders, but the citizens. Since the wars and the floods most of the people that were on earth died and Metrox and Warcon were created by the last people on earth at that time. So Metrox and Warcon became the only source of living for who ever and what ever still existed. I call it Thing 1 & Thing 2.  After all, they created a living place for the filthy rich, technical scientists and Athletes for purpose of recruiting for officer placement. Anyway, I reacted the way I did because I believed my life was in danger due to certain information ascertained this morning in your meeting room but my mom raised me to believe in the light and not to react but be still and think positive. I can tell when someone is really good. I actually didn't want to sound weird saying that you reminded me of my mom because she was head of the administration here at Hyman & Cove about 30 years ago but she quit when I was five because the new leaders thought that her beliefs got in the way of her decision making but it was because she constantly asked to be let go at the end of the day to take care of me. The corporation didn't like that so much. So this is kinda personal for me... but please don't tell anyone."

"Oh, hi...I'm sorry I just assumed chivalry was dead long ago being that we live in an age where your work place is the enemy, no offense. Guess it was the fact that you almost killed me as I was late on a beautiful Monday morning here on Mars."

"Uhhh, yeah well, I'm sorry, I guess I'm young and I need to learn. I just wanted to make sure since we are going to be working together for the next eight or nine months, that you can relax. I'm not your average USEP agent.

"Okay, well then maybe I should tell you something that happened but you have to meet me at Luck's dinner in Sector 4."

"Um, ok give me an hour."

"Fine, meet me there."

It's funny how energy works for favor or as a build up of just non-sunniness on the things a person might put their hands to. Some people either forget, don't care or the factor on the other end doesn't know what they are doing when it comes to all this energy which can all be used for good and create a more healthy environment mentally, spiritually and physically. As for Hyman & Cove, they are about to see the complete opposite of anything sunny.

Jenny and John Parker are in the lunch room, they just finished their lunch and are just shootin the breeze. 

"OMG, I can't believe that I told that USEP agent my feelings about just wanting revenge on Ronald Goldman last night. Yeah and I didn't even leave out Scripeck the dark souled fellow that pays us at the end of the week."

"WHAT, your kidding right? Why, just cause the big wigs lean on you? You gotta be strong Jenny, Oh and what am I - chopped liver? You couldn't pick up the phone and call me, eh?"

Jenny giggles, "Look, calm down. I called you but you were sleeping, assuming you didn't answer. So please don't start with that crap. Besides he called me to apologize."

"No way!"

"Yeah way, well, let's hope this guy is the real deal, I'm feeling something really good for the good people here coming on."

"So anyway, this guy's Spacebook account is in my friends area and I just....."

"Your kidding right?....John, are you a total lunatic, your going to blow everything!"

"He won't find out, about the company, I swear it!"

"Johnny No-Brains, your social online buddy is a super hacker from Germany - what were you thinking to even like any of his posts, never mind adding him to your friends area? This guy is the great great great great great great great grandson of the guy who hacked and destroyed all of earth's electricity, why do you think that Hyman & Cove want nothing to do with him? ARRRRG!"

"Listen, I know what I'm doing, don't worry. I got this!"

"Yeah you better have this and have the best mind at this!"

To make a super long story short, Jennifer's vengeance lead her to snooping around Hanz Schvartzinsky's scene. Getting to know Hanz on the DL might lead her to hold it over Hyman & Cove's head and her plan was gold until John Parker got greedy and allowed the bad apple of the bunch into their network while the head of Hyman & Cove smiled thinking their holding were about mass productivity's shine beyond any money marketing era has reached. This would have been a plateau that was tried by the former world.  THE blackest corruption, except this time it's all about the poor treatment of certain workers on Hyman & Cove's payroll. Well, Hanz hacked the whole company and put all the leaders and workers in jail accept for Jenny Kratchka and John Parker, who were both surprised.  But even more of a surprise came when they were forced to kill people who tried to raise any science work or any kind of business in space. And why? Because Jennifer Kratchka knew well how to redirect both light and dark energy but she took it upon herself in a selfish state of mind and acted upon her thoughts and destroyed the lives of the people at Hyman & Cove and Kazika and all of Mars.

The Cure:
Every day is a wonderful thing in itself even if a whole bunch of bad things happen to one person. Life! It's wonderful and only the foolish disagree. So many people say "Oh, what a day I'm having" or "Calgon, take me away." I think that its a funny thing but its not so funny when too many people are filling the atmosphere with confusion and fear. Now you might say to yourself "this can't possibly be true, one person's thoughts, words and actions can't possibly affect my life but if there are many people all over the world being negative and fearing and being jealous, well we all feel the residue of that dark energy. We all are victim to the misuse or mishandled energy. There are even those who try to become intimate with dark energy, assuming that one day that individual will have the world in the palm of their hand and how deceived those people are when they realized how right the light workers in the past were about morals and how it scientifically effects not only our path in life and how things turn out in favor or turn dark karmically. Many people will have more of all of the things that life has to offer how ever attained but not many entreat their lives with the properly receiving of those things. Some show off with their things because of their vibe alone, it's not bad to have nice things. Others have things and hate it and hate themselves and everything around them. And a certain percentage have it all and can't be satisfied until there is nothing to have and nowhere to see. Many of these people don't say sorry or thank you. Believe it or not, that is the real simple way of distributing energy. You can't wake up in the morning and not say good morning to people in the street or at a store or what have you and and expect to have a great wonderful days. This is not only our home but so many people live on this wonderful mud ball as well and we cannot afford any more of the wrong energy, such as dark energy.

Dark energy, whether people want to believe it or not, is the reason why any one person would have a selfish or fearful or hating thought in their body. Dark energy does not perform the act itself but promotes that vibe to humans and waits for the human to make a decision. Dark energy attacks your mind with the softest of thoughts in configuring that it's not wrong to do such things as be selfish, to be afraid or to hate. These thoughts are commonly shot at humans that are successful because despite popular belief in the spiritual world money IS important to dark energy as well as light energy, allowing workers of the light to use money for the benefiting of the poor and homeless on earth. As for our receiving of things, giving back when someone gives you something is not being fake or having vanity. However, anyone can redirect energy in many different ways that do not benefit at all other than feeling good.

The receiving of anything from the giving of time personally from people, from words of advice, gifts, money, large gifts like houses and cars, to  you name it, are all gifts from The Light channeled or funneled by people even if that person claims not to believe like this. The creator of everything will use those who even have light but don't know that it's the Creator and  think that it's themselves. Some call themselves athiests or agnostic or just whatever anyone calls themselves or not calls themselves - doesn't even matter.

The Creator of everything is not some G0d who will only use or punish you, but a person who is personably bringing you to a state of eye opening experiences if you just learn to sense that its happening. The eyes of your heart is to be set on others and never yourself. Reacting incorrectly like revenge has its repercussions, astronomically actually, which you read in the short fictional tale above. As you already know that it was written for you and your well being hoping to persuade you in a dance with the cleansing of the soul. You are a spiritual vessel even if your not so spiritual or don't want to acknowledge the existence of a creator. All gifts of energy whether a greeting, a physical gift of solid matter or vibes of healthy or unhealthy energy is to be redistributed without loss. The dark to be taught as an enemy but we use them as leverage and the light we love and hold dear and uphold and trust and shout and manifest to all people of every race color and creed. There is not one person in the past present and yes, the future that has been given free will, albeit, sometimes our choices are not in our best interest, so it is the responsibility of the human to create a continuum of redistributing all energies behind all gifts whether good or bad, dark or light.

Love & Light to all my cool, loving and positive people grinding the World Wide Web.

Written By: Cris Blakk

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  1. I'm speechless. This stuff is one of your best. I will re-read this. It gave me that reminder once more. This can open eyes to many people.